FIFA 15 Possible Rating Upgrades For Under-rated Players

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Saturday, May 17th, 2014 | 0

FIFA 14 was a massive success just like FIFA 13 and FIFA 12 and although EA Sports have not officialy announced FIFA 15 but we can safely assume that the game will hit the market at the end of september or october this year. So today we decided to list 10 under rated players from FIFA 14 who need rating upgrades in 2015 version.

Rahim Sterling FIFA 15 ratingRaheem Sterling (Current Rating – 77)

Sterling was called up for the final 23 man english squad going to world cup and thats because of his staller performances in the last couple of months of 2013-14 season. He has a small frame but electric pace with the ball, his short passing is pretty precise and can rap his foot along the ball for quality strikes.

He is currently rated at just 77 overall in FIFA 14 but the kind of season he had and possible a couple of good showing in World Cup he should get atleast 80 overall.

Gareth Bale FIFA 15 ratingGareth Bale (Current Rating – 87)

WHen he signed for Real Madrid last summer for record breaking fee many expected him to struggle under pressure and playing a second fiddle to Ronaldo. But Bale has been consistant throughout the season when ever he was injury free, he not only combine well with the rest of the team but scoring goals as well.

His classic solo goal against Barcelona in the copa del rey final was a masterclass, he has pace, vision and a superb left foot, score goals and creat them aswell. In my openion he should atleast get a rating of 90 overall.

John Terry FIFA 15 RatingsJohn Terry (Current Rating – 83)

John Terry played big part in Chelsea superb showing in the 2013-14 season, although they fall short in all competitions but Terrys partnership with Gary Cahill was immense. On the basis of his performances in last season we can safely say that he is one of the best defenders around.

Although in FIFA 14 he is merely rated at 83 and should get and upgrade to atleast 85-87 region

Diego Costa FIFA 15 Rating upgradeDiego Costa (Current Rating – 83)

Probably the breakthrough season for spanish international, Diego Costa scored 27 league goals in 34 outings for Atletico Madrid and he guided them to Champions League final as well.

He is jsut rated at 83 in FIFA 14 and I full expect him to get an overall increase to atleast 87 in FIFA 15.

Paul Pogba FIFA 15 RatingsPaul Pogba (Current Rating – 79)

Former Manchester United flop has come of age in his time with Juventus, he has blossomed into a dynamic power house of midfielder with eye for goal. He has been selected in the French world cup squad.

Teams like Arsenal, PSG and Chelsea are trying to sign him this summer. His current rating 79 will definately get a boost to atleast around 83-84 in FIFA 15.

Yaya Toure Rating in FIFA 15Yaya Toure (Current Rating 86)

Probably the best premier league midfielder in last couple of years, they guys a monster in midfield and nobody in english football seem to get the better of city midfield when he is on song.

His recent goal against Aston Villa which guided City to top of the league, showcased his power, awarness and scoring ability. Although rated at 86 in FIFA 14, I think thats not high enough for a midfielder of Yaya Toure calibre. I can would like his rating to increase to 89 making him one of the best midfielders in the game.

Cristiano Ronaldo FIFA 15 ratingCristiano Ronaldo (Crurrent FIFA 14 Rating – 92)

Yeah I know, he is already a monster in the game with his overall rating of 92, but if Ronaldo can only get 92 that getting a perfect 100 is impossible. I think he deserve another upgrade in rating to 94 making him the best player in the game.

But since Messi will be on the cover of FIFA 15 and Ronaldo on PES 2015, Its hard to imagine that EA will let messi play the 2nd fiddle to Ronaldo.

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