How To Win Division 1 Title – FIFA 14 Season

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Saturday, October 5th, 2013 | 36

FIFA 14 is out and its been more than two weeks of online play and winning division 1 title already twice so today we are going to put together a small guide and tips for the FIFA 14 Season about how to win the division 1 title easily. Its always easier to go through the ranks in at the start of release within couple of months it will get harder and harder to win matches from division 3 to 1. So we start our guide with best teams to use in FIFA 14 Seasons ?

Best Team to use in FIFA 14 Seasons:

FIFA 14 Seasons Online win div 1 title

Best 5-Star Teams:
There are three teams in the game which are head and shoulders above the rest with barcelona, bayern Munich and Real Madrid rated 5 stars and have so much pace going forward.

  1. Bayern Munich – Robben & Ribery two very fast wingers in the game plus solid defense
  2. FC Barcelona – Neymar + Messi two of the best players in the game
  3. Real Madrid – Cristiano Ronaldo is a FIFA 14 bully, easy to score with him plus Gareth Bale speed and power.

Best Teams to win Division 1 Title ?

You might want to read our big guide for FIFA 14 Finishing and Defending which will give you some new tricks to keep the ball and score more goals

Its always harder to pick a 5star team and win the div 1, because you will be playing against other players who uses Real Madrid, Baca and Bayern Munich so trick is a to use a solid 3 or 4 rated team in the game and exploit the game mode. In FIFA 13 the best team to use to win Div1 title was Anderlecht, Anzhi and Zenit and that wont change ths year as well but here are my findings on other good underdogs which might help you win it.

  1. Aston Villa (loads of pace upfront)
  2. Everton (have solid players all over the park)
  3. NewCastle (french invasion, pacy players in the team)
  4. Monaco (Falcao, Rodriguez)
  5. Liveprool (Suarez, Sturridge)
  6. Belgium

When you pick a 3 star or 4 star team in FIFA seasons, ea hook your match against players who are using same star side or below and when it can not find an opponent in the same division it will try to search in divisions below which will give you easy games.

I will update more teams after i try them in the fifa 14, so bookmark this page and comeback here for more details.

FIFA 14 Seasons GamePlay Tips:

Defending Tips:
When you reach div 4 and 3 you will see the quality of player you will come up againt, they dont miss many chances and than your defense will win you points more than your attack.

Important > When you lose the ball, try to bring your players back as soon as possible. Dont bring your defenders out of their lines, instead pick midfielders one by one and drag them back in front of back 4. Thats crucial. Idea is to rap up defese in compact position.

When you dont have the ball, dont attack the ball. dont rush in with your defenders to take the ball back. Let the opposition build up play and in the meantime gather your midfield close to defenders, that way opposition player will commit more players in attack and you can counter.

Overall Tips for FIFA 14 Seasons Winning Div 1

First thing first, dont burn yourself playing the game. Try to play the game when you really want to play and have some free time. Dont force yourself. Plus if you lose a back to back games try to stop playing for a while.

I found its good to play max 3 to 4 games at time, the more you play in one sitting, your gameplay will become more predictable.

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  • Ruudy

    What the fuck is wrong with fifa seasons, it fucking lag and somtime i think fifa dont want me to win

  • Michael

    Lag absolutely ruins this game. I have won Div 1 twice now but they only thing keeping me from winning ALOT more is simply lag. People with terrible skill can beat you because of lag. This lag is never from my end.

    I don’t believe there is scripting but goals at the 45′ and 90′ are a joke. Defenders leave open holes like the parting of the Red Sea.

    • jpjp

      so true, the 45 and 90th minute is an inside EA joke to try to make it exciting and seem sensational

  • Richard Gibbs

    Michael my man who are you using on head to head seasons , tried villa and Monaco struggling in div 3 tho, what formation you use bro?

    • Admin

      @ Richard Gibbs

      Dude try to use anderlecht, newcastle and Zenit…and if fancy a lower division side try “Shrewbery town” and locate a player named Taylor somthing* pace is around 90 for him he will kill teams…

      • Richard Gibbs

        Awesome advice ther managed to make div 1 with the Geordies good pace all over and remy runs riot,great help bro!gt to ask seeing as you’ve been great so far I’m huge fifa fan smashed it for years as I’m sure you have dude , what formation you using at the mo?i have used 3-5-2 to good effect but to much space in the full back position is costing me!what formation you using and also custom tactics , used 88 passing speed and short passes so far for a quick counter style, but what you think is most effective?? Again cheers dude your a ledge!

  • Alan

    Its the dam aftermatch highlights that annoy me intensely! !!! Most of time the goals aren’t even on there….that should be standard!!!! You get stupid meaningless incidents instead of a gdeat goal or 25 yard shot that hits the post or bar…..surely these should be standard highlights! !!!! EA sports….simply not good enough!!!!!

  • Alan

    As for seasons mode… first ever fifa game purchased was13….. I got to div 1 with PSV Eindhoven….. amazing pace up front!!! Some players have moved on in the summer but have been replaced by players almost as quick in 14…… got to div 3 so far but im looking for a new team….

    • Chris

      Porto a good team to pick with their formation

  • Nisachar Kabial

    I play with Argentina and I have won 4 titles.
    No Problem.But I need to change my defenders at break to keep them fresh so that they can come down when needed at back.And the blogger is right .You should play when you are willing to play.No force yourself.It works.And if you want to slow the game Play pass…more pass..That’s my strategy…

  • Kookie

    I’m sorry, but It’s hared for me to take this article seriously when there’s a simple grammar error. Probably a typo, damn.

  • Robert

    You lot are having a fucking laugh! I bet you’re the wankers sitting here all day, with no jobs, no responsibilities playing this fucking mind melting game all day while working men like us who pay our way in life and come home tp relax and play fifa. I then find you FUCKS online swapping tactics over forums like you found out the meaning to life. Go suck a hard DICK.

    • Admin

      @ Robert

      calm down bro. You are on this page for some reason

      • Masroor Haider (@mozzy86)

        @robert Hahahahahahahaha!! What are you doing in this page then mate? Or did it just randomly pop up?…plus good 4 star team CSKA Moscow…give it a shot

        • dirvenstylez

          CSKA Moskou is the best but many people use it wrong.
          U need to play with the 3-5-2 formation.

          Make a strong block of 3 defenders with Ignashevitsch ( or whatever) and the brothers Berezutsky.
          Then 2 defensive midfielders with Elm and Wernbloom which both have alot of stamina and a good pass.
          Then 2 wingers in the name of Dzagoev and Tosic.
          The number 10 is Honda and the 2 strikers Musa and Doumbia

          • Richard Gibbs

            Robert you goat calm down you angry little goat!you are very insecure to make a comment of such anger, it’s like me going on a page for hardcore squirters on red tube and then saying why the fuck are you all looking at hardcore squirters makes no sense dude :/

  • Efrain

    Guys I’ve been using America from Mexico and it’s going really good. I’m in division 3 so far and I’m moving up like crazy. Plus their defense and offense is great.

  • Alain

    I’m struggling in division 2… I always get fucking goals against with my own players who run to eachother so the opponnent can score easily in an empty goal…
    I play 4-1-2-1-2 with Real Madrid, Shakhtar but I can’t get to division 1 🙁
    I use custom tactics and I even changed the wireless controller settings but nothing seems to help… Although I can say that mostly of the games, I’m competitive to my opponent, staying in division 2 is so hard for me.
    can anyone give me some tips plz? Other team: I see here CSKA, Newcastle, Anderlecht (though I’m from Belgium I really hate this team :-D),… with maybe a good formation (I like the 41212) and some custom tactics for attacking/pressing and defending/possession.
    I play ps3: my psn is alinos_81

    • Admin

      Hey Alain,

      Try 4-2-3-1 with real madrid. upfront benzema, left and right Bale and Ronaldo. Isco in the middle. alonso and khadira DMs. it is the by far the best formation to use with Real Madrid.

      Use counter attacks tactics, and dont got to win the ball always. let the opponent build up play and you keep your shape at the back.

      Try Aston Villa, so much pace, they are poor mans real madrid in the game 🙂 hope it helps.

      • Alain

        Thanx for the answer. I tried to play with Real Madrid on 4-2-3-1 but somehow I’m having difficulties with the fact that I only have 1 striker upfront… I also find that Benzema is not fast enough as a striker so when I use a 4-2-3-1 I use Ronaldo as a striker…
        Don’t get me wrong: I’m not a pacey player… but I like to counter attack and therefore I think I need at least 2 strikers…
        I play like this
        GK Casillas

        RB Carvaja
        CB Pepe
        CB Ramos
        CB Marcelo

        CVM Modric

        LM Di Maria
        RM Benzema

        CAM Isco

        LS Ronaldo
        RS Bale

        Aston Villa is maybe a good option to try. But are they a 4* team or a 4,5* team?

        • Admin

          Aston Villa are 4 star team i think, not sure though

          the team you play with is very light weight in midfield. you will concede goals for sure and on top of that you are playing benzema at totaly wrong position, that disrupt your play and make ther players slow as well. my advice will to play replace modric with Khadira/Alonso and Bale on the right wing, and di maria on left with Benzema and ronaldo upfront.

          with 4-1-2-1-2 its hard to counter attack, this formation is for build up play.

          • Aain

            thnx for the advice. I’ll try the 4-2-3-1 attacking formation but do I use Ronaldo or Benzema upfront?
            Ps: do u have ps3 or Xbox? Maybe we can play a game against eachother 😉

        • Admin

          i am on xbox ruudarch

          I would put benzema upfront, but Ronaldo will do the job as well.

          • George

            real madrid are a great team to use, although Im quite defensive, the less you can concede the better, so i play
            rb – carvaja
            cb – ramos
            cb – pepe
            cb – varane
            lb – marcelo
            cdm- khedia
            rm- bale
            lm -ronaldo
            cam – modric
            st – benzema

  • Alain

    One more thing… When I celebrate with Ronaldo I prefer the “calma calma”. I know this has to be done by L1 and double tap on triangle (I think on Xbox that is LB and double tap on Y. But when I do this, I alwas get riding the wave from Sturridge… which is normally L1 and 1 tap on Y… Anybody who knows what i’m doing wrong?

  • Alain

    guys, at te moment I’m in division 1… 🙂 Last season, I had 22 points, 1 point more and I had the championship title 🙁 … I lost my game against someone who played with… you’re not gonna believe me… Classic XI !!!
    Someone who knows how u can play with Classic XI in H2H seasons online??? When I look at that guy his stats… it was amazing… he played every game with classic XI and had stats like 250-12-14 …
    I was pissed I missed the title because of someone who cheats but I just wanted to let u know…

    • danny

      Did you found out how he did that

    • Ahuerta17

      I found it a joke that a RM player is complaining of another team being a cheat, in my personal opinion RM and Barcelona are for low skill players, some may say handicap doesn’t exist on FIFA (most of them RM and Barcelona players) but it is absurd how easy they score just running and abusing of CR or Messi, you really don’t need talent to win when playing with RM or Barcelona you just need to abuse thru balls and CR or Messi respectively and you would win most of the times, that’s what saddens me the most about FIFA, if they wouldn’t mess with handicaps this game would be perfect for me.

      • Alain

        let me guess, you are a bayern munich player that only crosses the ball to Mandzukic… Dude, act normal, I play as much with Udinese as I do with RM so don’t tell me that I’m cheating when I’m using RM…
        If RM and Barca are for low skill players, every 5* team is for low skil players… Man City, Juve, Brazil, Argentina, Chelsea,… Each team has its weaknesses and strengths… So I guess everyone can choose for himself which team suits him/her the best…
        So telling that a RM player is a cheater is something I don’t understand dude… Especially if you know that Classic XI can’t be chosen in seasons, so that in my opinion is cheating: playing with classic XI in seasons!

  • David Smartboy

    is any classic XI IN PS3 ? i know that is on xbox …..

  • danny

    Hi guys im.from southamerica my psn name is dcaicedo1 on ps4 i have a question in a past few days i played with a guy that use a edit team using cristiano and messi as fowards ribery and so on anyone has any idea how did that on sasons thanks my email its [email protected]

  • brodie928

    Hey peeps i bn using real madrid 4-2-3-1. And have counter attack on. Ronaldo as striker with bale rightwing n di maria left wing. I play alot of through balls down the wing and over the top as ronaldo is very quick. Never go chasing the ball pulling ur players out of their position and call 2nd player only wen in midfield. And always hold L2 to hold ur ground wen defending so u dont lunge in and call 2nd man to help and honestly ur defending will be good. Let them build up play and ur sure to counter attack and score goals.

  • danny

    how do you get 5 stars on fifa seasons…ivewon the division 1 title 2 and won all the cups but im stuck on 4 1/2 stars

  • dave

    who gives a fuck, who the fuck are you?

    • pikachu

      best.comment.ever lmao

  • Cesar

    Thanks man!

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