Zidan protects his players from criticism after Real Betis draw

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Wednesday, January 27th, 2016 | 0

Zidan started his real Madrid with 2 back to back wins and to be more precise, he started with a bang. In both occasion his team got 5 goals and basically crushed the enemy team. However, the new coach suffered his first upset in their very last La Liga match where they could not get past Real Betis to get themselves the win.
This was not a good match as Real suffered in most of the match. Of course they were the overall dominant team out of the two but the play they showed in their last 2 matches was not here.
Real Betis on the other hand was in terrible form and was expected to suffer a terrible loss in this match. They were goal less in their last 7 matches and is without a win in their last 10 matches but in this match they were the first one to score. Even the equalizer Real Madrid scored was not 100% legal by everyone as there were room for wrong decision there.


Although Real Madrid can blame the goal keeper of Betis today as Adan made some brilliant saves in the day. Not to mention that Adan was the keeper of Real Madrid only 2 seasons ago and he even replaced Casillas as the main goal keeper during the tie of Mourinho. So, there was no doubt on his capabilities as the keeper.
However, Zidan still stood infront of the players and said that the players tries their best and created quite a few chances and so we should not think bad about them. He said that in La Liga this happens and although they had a good chance they could not make the best out of it and that is just plain bad luck rather than bad performance. He also said that he is proud of the players. However, the next few matches will decide wheatear he should really be proud or make the players play even harder.

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