Who Is the Favorite of CONCACAF Gold Cup 2015

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CONCACAF Gold Cup is being played on since 1991 and so far it have a number of 12 appearances. This season CONCACAF Gold Cup 2015 will be its 13th episode and hosted by United States and Canada. And this is the 13thtime USA are hosting this tournament. The tournament will be start at 7th July after the match of Panama Vs Haiti at Toyota Stadium, Frisco.


So far CONCACAF have 3 champions in its 12 appearances. In their USA have 5 title, Mexico have 6 and another one goes to this COCACAF co-host Canada. USA is the defending champion as well, Mexico have their last title at 2011. They were the first team to win this title 3 consecutive time and them USA did it at 2002, 2005, 2007. Canada’s only title comes at 2000 COCACAF.

CONCACAF Gold Cup 2015 have 3 favorite team so far. I can be USA, Mexico and Costa Rica. USA is the defending champion, Mexico have moist 6 times COCACAF title and Costa Rica is in the 14th at the FIFA recent ranking and best of all 12team at appeared at CONCACAF.

This year’s 12 teams will play themselves at CONCACAF from 7th July to 16th July. The teams are below.

Team FIFA Ranking Previous Best Performance
United States (Title holders) 27 5 times Champion (1991, 2002, 2005, 2007, 2013)
Mexico 23 6 times Champion (1993, 1996, 1998, 2003, 2009,2011)
Canada 109 Champions at 2009
Costa Rica 14 Runners-up (2002)
Guatemala 93 Fourth Place (1996)
Panama 54 Runners-up (2005, 2013)
El Salvador 89 Quarterfinals (2002, 2003, 2011, 2013)
Jamaica 65 Third Place (1993)
Trinidad and Tobago 67 Third Place (2000)
Haiti 76 Quarterfinals (2002, 2009)
Cuba 107 Quarterfinals (2003, 2013)
 Honduras 75 Runner-up (1991)


United States is the most favorite team this year. They are the defending champion, they have a good World Cup season and most importantly USA hosting this tournament. This centuries USA have just missed 2 title of 2009 and 2011. Which 2 was won by Mexico.

  • United States is the 5 times CONCACAF title holder and 13th times tournament host
  • Skipper Donavon is the most goals scorer of the tournament. He have scored 18 goals so far.
  • Currently their FIFA ranking is 27th, their best was 4th at April 2006 and lowest rank was 36th on July 2012.
  • USA have 10 world cup appearances have best to finished from 3rd at 1930
  • 3 Cop America tournaments and finished from fourth place at 1995 is their best
  • Have also a runner up title in 2009 confederation cup in their 4 appearances in this
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