Who Are the Wonder of the History of Football!!

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016 | 0

Who Are the Wonder of the History of Football!!

How much incredible Leicester City has won the English Premier league? However, the football has seen more such stories. Nottingham Forest, and current Atletico Madrid, but they showed the way to Leicester City.

There is an exciting story with Nottingham Forest. They were fighting at the 13 place in at the English second division league. From there, turned around and won the of Europe title twice, it was more than the wonder. In 1978, England’s second division, Nottingham placed at 13th on league table. From there Brian Clough pulled up Nottingham.

This Clough showed his magic before. In 88 years Derby County won the first title under him coaching. But the achievement with Nottingham exceeds everything. In 1979, at the first European Cup (now Champions League) finals for Nottingham, and won the title there. That time Nottingham was defeated Malmo. Nottingham stunned everyone goes to the finals again the following year, winning the title after Hamburg. Nottingham is now playing in the second division of the English league.

Why just in England, so much surprise has been written. He had such an incredible example Hellas Verona in Italy. At the eighties, AC Milan, Inter Milan and Juventus were the king of Italian Serie A. Verona gave the surprise at 1984 when they finished the league from sixth. The next time it threw up history, won the league title for the first time in its history. Verona won the Serie A has been doing so far.

Not too long ago in France, the story of the surprises. Six years ago, the French second division team Montpellie just came at the France Ligue 1 to avoid relegation of League, was their only aim to exist. At 2011-12 seasons, that Monttpellie won the league title for the first time.

Spain’s Atletico Madrid in memories is still fresh. However, there is no way to say it is just fairy tales. But the Barcelona-Real Madrid two-horse race another horse checkmate will come, no one actually thought that. Diego Simeone’s team brings that achievement the dramatic end of the season.

But the achievement of Steaua Bucharest must be a fairy tales. It is unbelievable to thought, someone will won the Champions League from Romania. It is a rear chance to any club to play regularly in the Champions League from Romania. But Steaua Bucharest won the European Cup in 1986, also defeats Barcelona in the final.

That was the story of the club. There have some wonder story of national teams. 1992 and 2004 Euro will come to mind first!

Just one month ago of 1992 Euro, the civil war was in Yugoslavia. The Yugoslavia did not have the opportunity to take part in Euro qualifier, so Denmark called to take the qualifiers in Group II. Just one month of preparation, everything Checkmate! They have won the only major title in the history, how do you say it?

Went to Knockout stage from England, France and Sweden’s group. Winning the title defeats previous European Championship winner Holland defeats world champion Germany at the finals.

Greece also won the title at 2004 Euro without take away the best player.

There are so many exciting events in football. Many things which no one before thought. Again, many things that one might not imagine. Sometimes is even more wonderful stories!

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