Which teams may play the semi-final of Copa America 2015

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Monday, May 25th, 2015 | 0

Copa America is one of the biggest football events of the world. Analysis, prediction, reasons, players, recent form and many other things are done on this great event.

Copa America features the two biggest name of the football world and those two names are Argentina and Brazil. Not to mention Colombia for this season as some are saying that Colombia is in their golden age and they can do anything. Other big world cup playing teams like Chile, Mexico, Uruguay and such teams take part to find which team is the best.

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Most people can already make a sum of which teams has the highest possibility of making it to the Quarter Final, Then semi-final and after that final. Here we made a small attempt to show which team may make it that far.

The 8 teams that will make it to the quarter final from our point of view are –

1st Quarter Final – Ecuador VS Chile

2nd Quarter Final – Colombia VS Mexico

3rd Quarter Final – Argentina VS Paraguay

4th Quarter Final – Uruguay VS Brazil

From here things become tough to choose as all the teams here have the ability to defeat each other. The easiest pick here is from the 3rd quarter Final and that is Argentina. The hardest pick would be Colombia VS Mexico. Some of you may wonder why would I pick quarter final 2 as the hardest pick rather than quarter final 4 where Brazil may play Uruguay.

Frankly saying, At the moment Uruguay simply can’t pose a big threat to Brazil and with Suarez not playing, Brazil gets an edge in this match. That is why we believe that Brazil would make it comfortably.

Chile comes from the 1st Quarter Final. They were an easy pick as they are the home team here. Now from Colombia and Mexico, we will go with Colombia. They have a superstar striker while Mexico’s goal keeper is one of the best. But in the end, Colombia can play more aggressively and that means more chances. We just picked the team that creates the most chances but the match will be close.

So our semi-final would be –

Semi Final 1 – Chile VS Colombia

Semi Final 2 – Argentina VS Brazil

From here on, we will depend on players and stats. That’s the best way to here because all the teams defeated each other before. First let’s take a look at semi-final 2. Since Argentina has an overwhelming better performance at Copa America. Not to mention, they have the best lineup possible. It became an easy pick in the end as we would have picked Brazil if this was a World Cup match.

Now the first semi-final. This one is tough and mighty close. Chile is the home team and no matter what, we can not think of them as underdogs. However, Colombia is an on-form team and showing great improvements and thus we believe they will move to the final.

So our final match may end up as –

Final – Colombia VS Argentina

From here on it’s a war. Let’s keep the final match for later discussion. I know Brazil or Chile fans won’t be happy with this but truth be told, we just took the help of stats and its not personal. So, a Brazil – Chile final is not impossible.

Let’s hope that the best playing team wins it all.

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