When Goalpost is a Wall for Barcelona and Messi!

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Monday, January 4th, 2016 | 0


Barcelona stared their New Year from the ending of their last year! How it is possible? Last match of the last year Barcelona destroy Real Betis by 4-0 goals at home but started New Year with 0-0 goals drawn.

This is not the statistics of their form, they continuing their form with hitting woodwork. Only on Betis match’s Messi, Naymer and Suarez hit ball on goal post for 5 times. And second time against the ball were hit twice at goal post. First match was not panic for Barcelona, though it hit 5 times but in 2nd time it disappoint Barcelona. They lost the 1st place of the league table to Atletico Madrid, first time of the league season, do not scored a single match so much disappointment gift by Espanol.

Not only on that 2 matches, has the whole season goalpost disappointed Barca. So far 16 times of Barca’s on target shoot defend by goal post.

So far of the season Barcelona also scored 56 goals on 26 matches include League, Champions League, Copa del Ray. So this is the point of improvement for Barca and Luis Enrique. As well for Lionel Messi. Generally he leading Barca’s attacking, and he also leading on this list. This season only on la liga, 5 shoot of Messi defeated by Barcelona. Out of them 3 comes on last 2 matches and all were by free kick.

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