What is this picture saying?

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Monday, July 31st, 2017 | 0

There is no such extraordinary picture. Messi, who is sitting at Barcelona’s bench, is now touching the hand of Neymar, who has left the field. But it looks like there is elsewhere. Maybe it’s a very simple picture. Is that really?

Neymar is going to Paris Saint-Germain There is no doubt about the buzz in the market. It is compulsive to pay the wages he is paying, in case anyone is forced to turn his head. Let’s give up at present three times more salary and bonuses. But only pay-bonuses are baring Neymar, or is it pushing the Brazilian forward to the city of love?
If there is so much buzz about the buzz, then the reason is that Lionel Messi is the source of information. Neymar’s relationship with Messi outside of the field and field is a great one. MSN-Trayer chemistry with Suarez is dragging Barcelona in the last three seasons. But Neymar and Messi did not agree to the shade. The team wants to be at home in the field. He pulled Barcelona into the side, as Messi’s successor. But the king is still running the kingdom, so the prince does not climb the throne. Messi is shy to play in the shadow of Neymar want to match the wings! He does not want to be a life-long Crown Prince like Prince Charles.
Despite this conversation, Messi-Suuarez said that they would not do without Neymar. Neymar is more important than Barcelona for more than 200-300 million euros for Barcelona. But still the buzz did not stop. In contrast to Real Madrid, the season’s first El Closario has confirmed that Neymar is no longer there. Neymar’s fights in practice before the match, and in the absence of Neymar in the Facebook picture of Messi, everyone has found another hint. Argentine magician does not like to hear Messi repeatedly saying that Neymar is the king of Neymar.
Neymar was in the 10-minute field after Messi and Suarez were picked at Tomorrow in El Cicicos. Later Neymar returned. And when Messi and Neymar were returning to the bench at the time of the match, the scene that was born in the match, even now the other tune!
Harmless Messi is trying to match hands so that he is hand mixing. There is no warmth, no interest in matching hands. To do the job of a non-vague position. Neymar can not keep eyes in sight! What exactly is this picture saying?

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