UEFA Europa League 2015-16 Season’s Prize Money

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Sunday, January 24th, 2016 | 0

After European Champions League, Europa League is the best inter Europe football league so far. Recently UEFA increase a huge amount of Prize Money in both Champions League and Europa League and it will around £1.6 billion in both CL and EL.

UEFA Europa League 2015-16 Prize Money

The overall increment of prize money at Europa League 2015-16 is 32 percent then last season of EL. And this adding is almost closer than Champions League. Among in 24 team this €381 million prize money will distribute among 48 participates team in group stage.

This season the prize money fund is available approx. €381 million while it was €233 at the last season of Europa League. The increment is nearly 65% then last season.

Each participates team at Group stage of this Euro will receive €2.4 million.

Performance Bonuses Rule:

  • For each victory at Group stage each team will receive €360,000
  • And for each drawn at Group stage each team will receive €120,000

The Group champion each will receive €6.5 million and runner up’s get €3.5 million.

Here is the Breakdown of European Champions League Prize Money of 2015-16 season:

Stage                                                     Prize Money (€ million)

Participation Fee                              2.4 million

Group Stage victory                        360k (For each victory)

Group Stage Drawn                        120K (For each drawn)

Knock Out                                           120K

Round of 32                                        500k (For each 32 teams)

Round of 16                                        750k (for each 16 teams)

Quarter finals                                    1 million (for each 8 teams)

Semifinals                                           1.5 million (for each 4 teams)

Runners- up                                       3.5 million

Champion                                           6.5 million

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