The top & best Quickest Footballer in the English Premier League

by Nicholas Salgado | Posted on Thursday, January 8th, 2015 | 0

There should not be any doubt that how much is dynamic is English Premier League football match. That is why ideal footballer becomes speedy in the English Premier League. Manchester City’s Sergio Aguaro Liverpool’s Raheem Sterling, and Alexis Sanchez, from the direction of motion, they become unpredictable.

Without the star player many obscure footballers are staying at the top of the speed direction. This season Mausa Sisoko makes a record after run 35.3 KM so far. New Castale’s United player Mausa made this record last year October after Leicester City.

The Quickest Football Player in the English Premier League

Liverpool’s Raheem Sterling runs at 35 KM against QPR. Man City’s Aguaro run faster at 34.7 KM against Tottenham. Against Liverpool’s, Diego Costa runs faster at 34.7 Km.

From now until the start of the season, in addition to a dynamic player who ran much sense Steven N. Janaji from Stoke City at the top. This French midfielder runs 227.1 km so far. Chelsea’s Cesc Fàbregas is in second place. He ran to 225.3 KM. Also in the list is in third place Tottenham’s Erikasena Christian. The Danish midfielder runs 222.8 km. Manchester United striker Robin van Persia is in the 18th place at the top 2 with 187.1 KM runs. Argentine fastest midfielder Angel Di Maria can’t play continuously. The former Real star did not get off the field properly due to injury.

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