Top 10 richest British footballer

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Among the top ten richest football clubs, we will find that the most of them are in England. The 3rd greatest football league is held there although it is considered 2nd by some as well. Despite all that, the English football itself hasn’t improved that much. They haven’t been able to create any footballer of David Beckham’s level who is considered the richest footballer of all history. Although I doubt he will be able to keep that status for very long thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

Top 10 richest British footballer

However, my point is that in terms of creating good footballers, England is falling behind and perhaps that is why only 2 players made it to the list of reachest footballer by

However, who are the top ten players that is worth more than other players. To help you know that, here is the list.

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Name Club Weekly income Yearly salary Net Worth
Wayne Rooney Manchester United £160,000 £25.4 million £50 million
Rio Ferdinand Manchester United £130,000 £18 million £42 million
Michael Owen Stoke City £50,000 £1.7 million £40.5 million
Ryan Giggs Manchester United £75,000 £5.3 million £34.5 million
Frank Lampard Chelsea £125,000 £10.7 million £33 million
Robbie Fowler None None None £32.5 million
Steven Gerrard Liverpool £125,000 £10 million £32 million
John Terry Chelsea £160,000 £9.2 million £27.5 million
Joe Cole West Ham United £80,000 £3.6 million £19.5 million
Paul Scholes Manchester United £75,000 £4.3 million £19 million


We didn’t do this list based on their current earning. Rather we did this based on their total worth and we took account what had to offer for us. Again we have to mention that the top player in the list would be Davis Beckham who is worth nearly 60 million euro more than Messi who is in 2nd. I hope you all enjoyed this list.

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