Top 10 Highest Expensive Transfer in La Liga

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Top 10 Highest Expensive Transfer in La Liga

  1. Gareth Bell ( Tottenham Hotspurto Real Madrid) 2013: 86 Million Euro

The 25 years old Wells winger moved to Real Madrid from Tottenham Hotspur at 2013 at 86 Million Euro and the fee is 1 billion Euro. He is the only billionaire footballer in the Earth. It is the highest transfer at La Liga as well as whole football family.

Gareth Bale transfer

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo ( Manchester United to Real Madrid) 2009: 80 Million Euro

Before the signing of Grath Bell at 86 Million Euro, Portuguese Sensation Cristiano Ronaldo was the world most expensive player after moving Real Madrid from English club Manchester United at 80 million Euro at 2009. This is the 2nd most expensive transfer at La Liga ever as well as in football history.

  1. Luis Suarez (Liverpool to Barcelona) 2014: 75 Million Euro

This season Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez was moved from his former club Liverpool by a record transfer fee of Barcelona at 75 Euro. That made him 3rd most expensive played at world football club transfer history. As well as the 3rd most expensive transfer at la liga so far.

  1. James Rodriguez (AS Monaco to Real Madrid) 2014: 63 Million Euros

Last world cup golden boot winner James Rodriguez is the 4th valuable player in the current football transfer market. At this seasons transfer he was transferred from AS Monaco to Real Madrid at 63 Million Euro transfer money. This is the 4th most expensive transfer at La liga ever

  1. Zinedin Zidan: ( Juventus to Real Madrid) 2001: 46 Million Euro or 75 million Dollar

His 46 million euro was the most expensive transfer at football history since 2001 to 2009. In now that is the 5th most expensivetransfer at la liga. In 2001 he was moved Real Madrid from Juventus.

  1. Zaltan Ibrahimovic: (Inter Milan to Barcelona) 59 Euro of 69 Million Dollar

At 2009 Sweden Striker ZaltanIbrahimovic was joined at Barcelona after 69 Million Doller transfer fee. This is the 6th most expensive transfer move at la Liga so far.

  1. Neymar (Santos to Barcelona) 2013: 57 Million Euro

This Brazilian Striker was joined at Barcelona at 2013Season from Brazilian club Santos at 57million Euro. He is the 10th most expensive player at La Liga.He had already played one season for Barcelona and Played extremely well at this season Scored already 17 League goal.

  1. Kaka (AC Milan to Real Madrid) 2009: 56 million Eur

After winning the Champions League for AC Milan at 2009, Kaka was moved to Spanish giant Real Madrid with a transfer fee of 56 Million Euro. That is the 8th most expensive transfer at La Liga


  1. Radamel Falcao (Porto to Atletico Madrid) 2011: 47 Million Euro

At the season of 2011 Colombian Striker RadamelFalcao was signed at Atletico Madrid after 47 Million transfer fee.

  1. Luis Figo: ( Barcelona to Real Madrid) 2000: 37 Million Euro

Portuguese Midfielder Luis Figo was joined Real Madrid from Barcelona at 37 Million Euro, at 2000. That was the record transfer fees at that time. This 37 million Euro transfer fee is the 10th most expensive transfer at La Liga.

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