Three Changes Man Utd Need To Make To Win This Season

by Rory Kernaghan | Posted on Tuesday, August 19th, 2014 | 0

20-time English Premier League champions Manchester United have gone through a transformation in the last year, and not for the better. Having lost their legendary manager Alex Ferguson in 2013, The Red Devils looked to David Moyes as a replacement. Unfortunately for the ex-Everton boss, his reign was short and very unsuccessful. United suffered their worst season finish since 1990.

Ryan Giggs stepped in as caretaker-manager when Moyes was subsequently sacked, and managed to turn in some good results before handing the reigns to Louis Van Gaal. The Dutch manager’s pre season was a success, but the first EPL game against Swansea City couldn’t have been worse; United got beaten 2-1 at home by the heavy underdogs. I believe there are three changes Man Utd need to make to win this season


Gel the team

One thing stands out above all else in my mind, and that is Manchester United did not have a team on Saturday against Swansea. Indeed there were 11 men on the pitch, but they seemed disjointed at best. The key to a successful team is to have a squad that gels, and as of yet we haven’t seen that from United.

Perhaps a team building exercise is what’s needed? Either way, the squad of high-quality players needs to start playing as such. #Tip United we stand, divided we fall


Incisive attacking

One glaring difference from the Red Devils of yonder year is the apparent lack of incisive play up front. United were once known for their trademark attacking play, often referred to by commentators as ‘champagne play’. It isn’t for lack of talented players, or a lack of experience, so what needs to be done for the hole to be filled?

Change the formation up a bit, give Wayne Rooney a little more freedom. The kid is a playmaker, and Robin Van Persie is a striker’s striker. Essentially use Rooney as a very attacking midfielder, backed up by the wingers, and give the Dutch forward a plethora of angles to receive the ball from. #Tip work the angles

Solidify the defense

Last, but most certainly not least, is the questionable defense that United fielded this past Saturday. Now absent of the staple of the back line, Rio Ferdinand, and supplemented by new bloods Tyler Blackett and Jesse Lingard, the once solid defense now looks a shambles. The marking was not there, the play was loose, and United gave away some very soft chances to Swansea City.

So, what to do? Well, the club has their eye on 32 year old defender Philipe Mexes, which is a start. Perhaps look at starting your best four in the back, regardless of whether you are bookies favourites or not, and above all else; get marking! #Tip Go hard or go home!!


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