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Pichichi Trophy

Spanish La Liga top goal scoring award fight Pichichi is quite thrilling. In recent years, Spanish football didn’t seen open fight for Pichichi. Though Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Suarez is in quite long ahead to win the award but the other four in La Liga top scorer also fighting greatly for this award.

Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi and Arita Aduriz was much behind of the fight of Pichichi. However, in the last match, Messi Hat trick against Rayo Volcano and Aduriz’s Hat trick vs. Deportivo La Coruna back them into the contest strongly. Messi also got 2 goals in Saturday night match against Eibar.

A month ago, the great Brazilian superstar Neymar at Barcelona and Real Madrid forward Karim Benzema were leading the goal scoring table. However, due to the lack of recent Benzema’s injury and Neymar’s perfect shot, the two are lagging behind somewhat.

There are only 11 games left in La Liga and 6 player are still contributing the award running. Ronaldo is the top among these with highest 27 goals. Suarez in the second with 26 goals. Messi is in 3rd at the list with 21 goals from 23 league games. Where he had missed 2 moth games due to his knee injury. As well as due to an injury Benzema also a bit behind, while he scored 19 goals.

Though Neymar didn’t find him in the last few games that’s why with 18 goals Neymar is lagging slightly behind. Adurz’s hat trick on Wednesday was the 17th strike in the season so far.

At 2004-05 season for the first time the fight for Pichichi had become thrilling. 2004-05 La Liga season after 16 rounds of thrilling combat became the highest goal scorer in La Liga. At the end of 16 rounds Samuel Eto’o (18), Diego Forlan (16), Olivier (15), Fernando Torres (14), Nhata and bBptista (13) and Brazilian Ronaldo (1) were thrilling the great fight.

In fact, the highest goal scorer trophy in La Liga has kept the name of the late Bilbao and Spanish striker Rafael Moreno Pichichi. Interestingly, nicknames Pichichi’s meaning is Goal Scorer.


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