The age of Messi

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Saturday, February 20th, 2016 | 0

Barcelona is passing its golden age at the moment. To be more exact, its been doing that since the 20th century as they have established themselves as not only the most dominant team in Spain but probably the whole world. So, after time passes, the question may be asked that whose age was it?
Pep Gardiola who came and won everything with Barcelona. The first treble for the Spanish giants and 6 trophies in a year as well. The there is Luis Enrique, as he not only brought the team back together but also won the treble and almost got 6 trophies in a year as well which they later failed to get. However, he still has years left to go with Barcelona and there is always that chance that he will win everything with the clan. Pep gardiola may return as well to lead the Catalan’s to another glorious campaign. So, whose age will this be?
Former Real player and Argentine international Valdano think that this age is neither for Gardiola nor for Enrique. This is the age of Lionel Messi. The argentine has been the center and the life of Barcelona for years now and after 20 years when everyone look back to tis then they will define it as the age of Lio Messi.

To give an example, he said that Real Madrid has Stefano age where Real became the most dominant team in the world. At this very moment, Barcelona is the team that is over everyone else. And, being in the center of that, Messi will define this age.
He also added that, the argentine players aren’t used to Messi’s plays and his speed and that is why they can’t bring out the full capability of Messi like Barcelona can. If they could do that thenArgentina would do much better.

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