Sunderland VS Norwich City – preview

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Sunderland VS Norwich City – preview

Match Information –

Match of – Sunderland VS Norwich

Type – English Premier League

Date – 15th August 2015

Time – 14:00 GMT

Venue – Stadium of Light, Sunderland

TV Channels –

Foxtel Play, CTH cable Thai holdings, Ssports Live Streaming, Sky Mexico, Talksport Radio World and some other channels will be showing this match live throughout the world. People can also watch this match from the internet as the match will also be available there.

Head to Head –

Matches Played – 29

Sunderland – 9

Norwich City – 14

Tie/ Abandon – 6

Last time, Norwich City won by 2-0.



Preview –

Both of these teams had a poor start to this season. They both lost their first match by 2 goals. Their familiarity doesn’t end there though, as both of these teams got 2 wins and lost 3 times in their last 5 matches. The other co-incidence is the fact that they both won a match after they lost and they lost after they won. That is too much co-incidence in a single match. Their recent matches follow up says that both of them will be winning this match but that is not possible and after counting everything, a draw might be the most logical answer.

However, as the home team in this match I would keep Sunderland as the favorite to win here. They are not that ahead and they will be playing with everything but they should have the edge that they need in this match.

Norwich may be thought as the underdogs but they will be playing this match to win and they have a good amount of chance to win it in the end.

Prediction –

We predict that Sunderland will win this match by 2-1, but the match will be close and anything is possible here.

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