Spanish La Liga 2015-16 Season’s Prize Money distribution

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Sunday, January 24th, 2016 | 0

Royal Spanish Football Federation (RSFF) distribute the prize money among each 20 league team of Spanish la liga each year. As per the previous deal system each club of la liga had to negotiate with about their own tv rights.

Spanish La Liga

At the last season at league at la leaga top 2 team’s Barcelona and Real Madrid were received €140 million each and the league bottom 3 team’s Elche, Valladolid and Rayo Vallecano received lowest 18 million euro. But this is the announced this season by Spanish Football Federation (LFP) as per new rules Television money will distribute among all of the team in la liga participants. So, as per new deals Barca and Real Madrid will no longer enjoy their own television rights.

Prize Money Fund Distribution of La Liga 2015-16:

  • Domestic TV channel rights sold in total worth €600 million, while overseas broadcasting sold out in €500 million.
  • Spanish segunda division will receive the fair amount of TV right
  • Those team who will relegated will receive 3.5%
  • 1% will allocated for the League system
  • For Women football league .5% will reserved.

Prize Money Table of La Liga 2015:

Team                                     Prize Money (million €)

Barcelona                            140 million

Real Madrid                        140 million

Valencia                               48 million

Atletico Madrid                 42 million

Sevilla                                   32 million

Athletic Bilbao                   32 million

Villarreal                              32 million

Real Betis                            30 million

Espanyol                              28 million

Real Sociedad                    25 million

Malaga                                 25 million

Getafe                                  25 million

Osasuna                               22 million

Celta de Vigo                     22 millon

    Levante                                22 million

Granada                               18 million

Valladiod                             18 million

Rayo Volcano                     18 million

Almeria                                18 million

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