Ronaldo will Surpass Messi

by Nicholas Salgado | Posted on Wednesday, January 21st, 2015 | 0

people all over the world are wondering that is the age of Lionel Messi has ended and another age of Cristiano Ronaldo has begun. After 4 consecutive times of Ballon d’Or, Messi lost the best player of the world twice to Cristiano Ronaldo who is blazing at the moment. However, Messi turned that award his personal property by winning it 4 times in a row after it had been started to give out.

Ronaldo on the other hand won 3 ballon d’Or so far even with winning 2 times in a row. We have to wait another few years to see who will surpass whom in terms of this. Both the players are still dominating and thus its becoming harder to decide every season.

Real Madrid’s former player Jidan says that it will Ronaldo and he will surpass even Lionel Messi. He said – ” He (Ronaldo) will win more trophies. The things he is doing at the moment is basically out of this world. If he continues this way then he will win more trophies and he may surpass even Messi.”




Some players are however questioning why Ronaldo is even getting this award. Cruif said – “In terms of best possible performance, there should be some match up with team performance as well. It is kinda laughable that someone got this award 2 times in a row who didn’t win many trophies and didn’t do something extra-ordinary for the team.”

When he was asked who should have won this award then he picked German midfielder Croos. He said – “2 years back even after winning almost every trophy possible, Croos or any other Bayern player didn’t get this award. And in 2014, Ronaldo was a spectator in the world cup while Croos played an important part in getting Germany the world Cup however he wasn’t even in the top three. Its quite clear FIFA doesn’t care about this award themselves.”

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