Ronaldo will be in Real : Perez

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Thursday, June 22nd, 2017 | 0

Ronaldo wants to leave Real Madrid, the buzz has been going on for a few days. Portuguese forward or even told his decision to the Real Authority. In the coming season, Ronaldo can be seen again in Manchester United’s Jersey, also wrote a Portuguese daily A Bola.


In order to know what was actually happening, everybody had to hear the earliest days on the Spanish radio Anda Chero. Real Madrid’s Florentino Perez came to visit the radio on that day. Perez,  being elected president of Real Madrid until 2021, is confident, Ronaldo will remain in Real, “I did not speak to Christiano. After reading the magazine I learned about it. I have no solution now, but like all other players, Cristiano is contracted with Real Madrid. ”


Spanish tax authorities filed a lawsuit against Ronaldo a few days ago for a tax break of 14.7 million dollars. On 31 July, Ronaldo will go to the first hearing of the case. But the sudden controversy arises, and Ronaldo is disturbed by the news of the press. Rumored, Ronaldo decided to leave Real after being annoyed with the tax evasion.


But Perez’s words did not indicate that. The president of the Real Madrid said, “Cristiano or someone else has not given us any proposal yet. Cristiano is much more powerful and much more important than all of us who are here. I am sure he will talk to us about the tax evasion case, which has a big effect on his beliefs. Then we can see what happens. ‘

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