Ronaldo vs Messi 2014 Goals Records Statistics

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Ronaldo vs Messi in 2013- 2014 Statistics

Now we have a break in club football for fortnight as players head for the national duties and we took the opportunity to analyse the records of Messi and Ronaldo. There are so many website have done the same in last few years of comparing Ronaldo vs Messi agenda, why they do it ? well because people would like to know who is better ? have we decided who is better ? answer is NO. We will have to wait until both players hang up their boots and than we can look back and see who was the better player. here are the 2012-2013 season records of both the players:

Cristiano Ronaldo 2013-14 Goals Statistics Record

Cristiano Ronaldo – 2013/2014 Season Statistics
League Team Games Goals Assists YC RC
Copa del Rey Real Madrid CF 6 3 0
Primera Division Real Madrid CF 31 30 8 3 0
Super Cup Real Madrid CF 0
UEFA Champions League Real Madrid CF 9 16 3 0

Lionel Messi 2013-14 Goals Statistics Record

Lionel Messi – 2013/2014 Season Statistics
League Team Games Goals Assists YC RC
Copa del Rey FC Barcelona 5 5 3 0
Primera Division FC Barcelona 28 27 10 0
Super Cup FC Barcelona 0
UEFA Champions League FC Barcelona 6 8 0


Cristiano Ronaldo 2012-13 Goals Statistics Record

Cristiano Ronaldo – 2012/2013 Season Statistics
League Team Games Goals Assists YC RC
Copa del Rey Real Madrid CF 7 7 0 2 0
Primera Division Real Madrid CF 34 34 8 7 0
Super Cup Real Madrid CF 2 2 0 0 0
UEFA Champions League Real Madrid CF 12 12 1 1 0

Lionel Messi 2012-13 Goals Statistics Record

Lionel Messi – 2012/2013 Season Statistics
League Team Games Goals Assists YC RC
Copa del Rey FC Barcelona 5 4 1 1 0
Primera Division FC Barcelona 32 46 12 1 0
Super Cup FC Barcelona 2 2 0 0 0
UEFA Champions League FC Barcelona 11 8 2 0 0

Who is more influential for the Team

Both the players are carrying their respective teams to glory in all formats. Barcelona vs Real Madrid Next Match fixtures : Barcelona are run away leaders in La liga with 15 points difference and we can safely assume that La Liga title is theirs. While Messi scored 2 goals to help them get into the Quarterfinals of the Champions league when he outclassed AC Milan at Nou Camp while Ronaldo scored in both legs against Manchester United to get a ticket to Quarterfinals for his team. and Ronaldo also helped beat barcelona in the Copa Del Rey semifinal when he scored in his 7 consecutive El Classico. So we can say that both players are equally influential for their teams.

Messi vs Ronaldo Who is a better Team Player

LIONEL MESSI: Well Messi gel in perfectly well with Barcelona team when they are playing with Xavi Hernandez and Andreas Aniesta and he not only score goals but his number of assists are great aswell. When he puts on a Argentina shirt he can not perform they way he does at Barcelona. So we have to say that Messi is a better team players than Ronaldo.

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Cristiano Ronaldo: Ronaldo since his Manchester United days has been labeled as a bit selfish player, some expert would say well thats they way he plays but he often get into confrontations with team mates as it has happened in the past. With Ruud Van Nistelrooy in Manchester United and as the reports suggest in Spain that he dont get along very well with his spanish team mates in Real Madrid. He often shoot from insane angles sometimes it goes in but often he will leave his unmarked team mate in better position left unhappy. having said that thats the way he plays and if being selfish will get any manager half the goals he scores in a season they would love to have a player like Ronaldo.

Good thing is Ronaldo and Messi are playing in the same era, for two of the biggest rivals in football Real Madrid and Barcelona and we see go head to head 3-4 times in a season. last year Ronaldo helped his team to win the La liga title while Barcelona could only win Copa Del rey. Messi have won 4 back to back FIFA Ballon O Dor awards but that does not mean he is head and shoulders ahead of Ronaldo.

Conclusion: Who is better ? Ronaldo or Messi ?

Well thats the question on everybodys lips in last few seasons, from experts on TV, in football news and kids playing in play ground. But its hard to tell before their career finishes. But we would leave you with this voting poll and this amazing video of two of the best players who ever graced this beautiful game.

World greatest footballers on 21st century and maybe the two best players ever but certainly the best rivalry in sport of football. Messi who win the FIFA Ballor O dor award couple of months ago had the record breaking calendar year 2012. he broke all kinds of records in process of scoring more goals in 1 year than another player in the history, he beat the record set by German player Gerrd Mullur who scored 86 goals in one year but Messi went on to score 91 and its hard to think anybody apart from himself or Ronaldo to break this record anytime soon.

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  • Ahmed Rafique

    Actually CR7 & Lio both are outstanding footballer .but I think CR7 is the best

    • rown jomon

      messi the best
      frm his biggst fan

      • Robin

        CR7 is the best from a great analyst and his biggest fan

        • dichen

          Ronaldo is better in anything than messi

          • Joseph

            From a a great analyst yeah…….how about you listen to arsene wenger,pele,maradona,Ibrahimovic,Celtic Coach and ALEX FERGUSON who brought ronaldo to this world to listen to him saying that Messi is the best in the world
            Ronaldo is an artificial product of investments…Messi is something natural..didn’t need the skills to do what ronaldo does

          • Ilidhyo Messi Moreyra

            Vivaaa……Barcelona, Halo…..all fans of Messi we must proud that messi is the number One Footballer in the world.
            We are Barcelonista of East Timor Country, Lospalos sub-district.

          • Bob

            Messi is the best soccer player in the whole world nobody is better then him he has most goals an most assist
            It is the best and will always will be the best.

            Messi rocks.

    • arrr

      Messi- more goals, assists, trophies, records, ballondors and is younger.. How it is possible that Cr is better ?..

      • Nicstar1998

        mother fucker lets start goals ronaldo scores when it matters to hep out his team where was messi in El Classicos barca have not won a single el classico this season. Assists, getting the final pass in a build up play to just tap it to the side its easy like most of his goals. Messi was not a main contributing factor in his early trophies with Ronaldinho and the other stars. The first two ballon d ors ill give him but nothing after that. RONALDO is most complete he has it all he can do anything messi can do on the field.

        • muhammad

          @nicstar you are really an idiot you know that right? ronaldo can do whatever messi does huh? just a simply one let me see him score 50goas in la liga then we talk…saying messi doesnt influence game is as stupid as you are, because i could remember him influencing the game vs milan, psg when his team needed him too..if i may ask where was ronaldo in the 2nd leg vs dortmund when madrid needed atleast just a goal to reach final..where? and what is the use of being the most complete player when you cant score and assists like someone who isnt a complete player…? clearly you are a deluded idiot.

          • Cr7FTW

            well last season ronaldo scored more goals than messi with a total of 60 and he had more assists so lets talk.

          • banky mu

            @muhammad huuun where was messi vs baryern he couldnt even play the second leg due ti shyness lol and even with injury substain during warm up cr7 still plays his role against dortmond we all know ballon dor is nothing but politics and he cant even remember when sir alex picked messi ahead of ronaldo

        • nonade davids

          err @Cr7FTW yur daft…Ronaldo has never scored more goals than messi since 2008 when he won the ballon d’or..
          and @nicstar….if Ronaldo is a more complete player…y does he suck as a centre foward or centre midfield? and y can messi play anywhere on the pitch?

          • jfullmer25

            Messi can only play a center striker. Barca’s focal point is Messi, whenever someone gets the ball, they think “where’s messi?!”. Ronaldo scores when he is given the ball, and does it all as a midfielder. They are both outstanding players, but in my opinion, Ronaldo is the best in the world.

        • Magda Wilson

          1) When Cr7 scores and celebrates is it with passion and honesty
          2) When midget scores celebrates it is without passion, because he knows that he is there for the ride and he knows that he is fake
          3) Cr7 has absolultey everything , that a player should have and a man should have
          4) Cr7 is totaly complete player and amazing to watch

          • Ronith

            Look both are awesome I love Messi And Ronaldo , They both have Ups And Downs. But If i had to choose I would choose Messi, the asshole above me is a deluded fucker. If you call Messi a midget you must be an asshole. Its not his fault he is short. Yes Ronaldo is awesome but I don’t understand why we have to choose like this when we can appreciate them both!

          • naz

            that midget makes more money than you can ever make in 500 years.

    • sam

      Messi And Ronaldo are super. but everyone has their on weakness and strength

  • idking

    Cr7 is d best always

    • rown jomon

      he is the best forever

      • vickey mizar

        u……………..skr mess is the best

  • Admin

    @Ahmed Rafique

    you are right we should just enjoy both the players skill and goals. both of them are equally important for their respective sides. on a personnel note i think Messi is better

    • baz

      crap ronaldo and messi go NAYMAR

      • ricky

        u are totally right. GO NAYMAR

  • socceru

    Messi is better in every aspect of the game, Ronaldo is good but messi is on another level.

    • Robin

      Ronaldo has way more attributes than messi speed strength and header accuracy for example

      • mahad

        Im sorry mr robin….soccer game it doesnt need speed sumtymz, soccer is a game of art!!! adawise bolt wouldv bn number 1 on list of soccer stars

        • kushal

          at 90 min messi art dint help barca but ronaldo heading helped real mardid ….at elclasico my frnd messi is best but cr7 is most complete player ever in football each and ever part of physical strength is used to beat apponent so cr7 is beeter than messi

          • muhammad

            if physical strength that matters then balotteli is better than ronaldo, if accuracy that matters then pirlo is better than ronaldo, if speed that matters then walcot is better than ronaldo, if dribble that matters then ronaldinho is better than ronaldo, and if long shot that matters then beckham (before he retires) is better than ronaldo..

      • Joey

        He does have those better attributes. I agree but he is not using them. Clearly it isnt getting to messi’s point of view. And with those advantages should he should have the upper hand over messi but also clearly does not.

  • hoter

    ronaldo is a monster of a player, the kind of performance lever he comes up in every game is just sublime.

  • Messi is messi

    Messi is the best player ever to grace the game and if you had any doubts when he came on half fit against PSG and changed the game, those doubts should be rest in peace

    • nick

      then he played against bayern and…..??? u guys really forget how tito didn wanna play a guy he (tito) sed was fit, because he knew messi will get shat on as previously.

      Ronaldo is a complete footballer, and as a winger he keeps up with messi, if u remember when messi played winger and eto played striker, he only managed 30 odd goals per season, ronaldo dimolishes that with ease, messi is good no lie, he has quick movement and steady ball control, but ronaldo is more complete

      both are equally brilliant, i dont even know who started ths debarcle between messi and ronaldo

      • william huch

        Yes of course he is a complete footballer but also mention that messi at a young age suffered from a growth spurt disorder. However messi with this disorder can and is still able to play at such high standards week in week out. If i had to sum up footballs greatest rival, i would deduce and simply say this, “Ronaldo, better athlete, messi better footballer”.

        • Robin

          Ronaldo didn’t even go to a soccer academy but messi went to the best one in the world

          • kuhkuhkuhkuhku

            Robin you are information is incorrect cristiano did attend a youth academy until he was recognized by SAF

          • Cr7FTW

            Its football actually

        • Cr7FTW

          well actually messi got treatment for his growth hormone so that has jack shit to do with anything

      • nonade davids

        @nick and hw old was Messi then? moreso have yu seen Ronaldo in CF before?? SUCK balls

    • mr c0ach.

      L0L ……. Well @mahad if speed d0sent matter… !n f00tball m0st tymes can’t w!n… Madr!d av r0nald0,arsenal has wallc0tt,barca has messi,bayern av ribery and r0bben..bvb have reus nd many players w!f pace… W!t0ut pace u can’t w!n….. !f u l!ke say barca c0s 0f xavi…but der attack st0ps @ mess! Wh0 has speed… Speed win games….speed get g0als….. Pace w!ns evryt!n…. And 4 @mahamad…. After all d players u l!sted !s messi d 2nd best?? 0r !ts R0NALD0… Messi gets the supp0rt he needs.R0nald0 has players !n he’s team wh0 need g0als l!ke benzema,di maria. But 4 barca evry attack st0ps at messi, and wen p0achers are lucky such as sanchez,pedr0,fabregas nd villa are lucky dey sc0re d g0als….dey play free r0le f00tball dts g00d. But @ d end d attact w!ll st0p @ messi…. Messi has great talent nd !s pr0bably d best !n d w0rld… D!s !s cause 0f supp0rt. But r0nald0 has all d phys!cal ab!l!t!es evry player needs, pace,sh0t p0wer, accuracy,p0wer, l0vely p0s!t!0n!ng, head!n accuracy, b0dy balance, and stam!na. A c0mplete player… S!mply d w0rld best… But ders n0 much supp0rt… C0s 0da players wanna sc0re…..mak!n messi betta c0s 0f talent…. Well !f b0th cud swap teams u w!ll f!nd 0ut wt am talk!ng ab0ut..but messi !s an exc!t!ng pr0spect. But CR7 !s just t00 g00d…

  • totallymessi

    Messi is better player and he is younger, Ronaldo is more good looking. Thats it

  • CR7 iz d best player

    CR7 iz d world best striker

  • Badmusjo

    Cr7 is a great football player but messi is ‘football‘ itself.

  • anza oriel ndzimeni

    when messi play agaist cr7,, we dnt c messi at all..cr7 always kill barca..cr7 is the king

    • Mamadou A Jallow

      yes cr7 is the in the world and i see no reason why he will not win the ballon dor 2013 ,he won all the three el calsio game against messi that is a completed example show he is the best for ever

      • kuhkuhkuhkuhku

        But messi is the current best player in the world though google it if you are ignorant and choose not to accept this fact

    • Primus

      First of all my friends Messi has won more ballon d’or than ronaldo(I think the argument of who is the best player ends here) but you arrogant ronaldo fans won’t agree to this also and say messi buys ballon d’or.What a pity that ronaldo has broke less records than messi and I agree to it that ronaldo is a complete footballer but still he can’t score more goals and can’t give more assists than messi in all competitions but for now ronaldo has more but soon the statistics are gonna change drastically.

  • Ese

    Ronaldo is 2 complete, he balls all season like a machine, dead speed freekicks, crazy long range goals, single handedly defeating barca season in n out, messi is fantastic buh he jst needs xavi n iniesta take ronaldo to england,spain, italy he’ll stil deliver. I call him d entertainer. ronaldo is d best.

    • silver praise

      Ese ronaldo isnt playing 4 malaga or betis but 4 real in fact da most wonderful team in da world.he has grt teammates plus believe mi even if messi moves 2 a different team ,he will perform coz he waz born 4 dat.if david silva,mata en oscar a nw gd in EPL so he can perform coz ihe is a beta player

      • Robin

        Lol no. We both know that there’s a reason messi hasn’t left barca yet his performance is dependant on Xavi and iniesta.

        • mahad

          mr robin i dissagre with u, if u say dat messi cannot leave barca becoz of xavi and iniesta, ur wrong!!! what u have to know is theris no reason why he should leave the club wen there still treating him like a king!!!

        • Messi for ever

          @Robin, just look at numbers and records before you talk, the only way I see Ronaldo being better that Messi is that he is tall and a cry baby. look at messi’s performance against best teams from E.P.L in the champions league which shows that he can be successful any where besides compare his stat in assists with xavi and inIesta then you can talk. The idea of comparing Messi with any one does not make sense, may be Ronaldo will have a chance when he wins the balloon d’ or 4 times consecutively. I admit Ronaldo is a hard working player with an exciting performance but Messi is from an other level, football is in his DNA.
          I do not think that I will see a player like him now or ever, he is just a phenomenon in this generation!!!!!!

  • muyiwa

    Cr7 A̶̲̥̅̊₪d̶̲̥̅̊ messi re d best A̶̲̥̅̊₪d̶̲̥̅̊ fantanstic players. I tink wat we need 2look into Ȋ̝̊̅§ dere matches againt each other” who has better edge than each other, A̶̲̥̅̊₪d̶̲̥̅̊ i tink ronaldo always surpassed messi I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ every of there matches. S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ i tink ronaldo Ȋ̝̊̅§ d best.

  • Mohammed

    For me c.Ronaldo

  • Adeshola

    Definitely c.Ronaldo is the best.when we take into cognizance the products and style of play of each of their respected teams then you see Ronaldo is the best.messi is good but Ronaldo is better.

    • Bliss

      Is a pitty dat cr7 break few records of the fifa history but messi break most of the fifa history,Sepp Blatter said dat “cr7 is lik a boi who spends all his moni in……” but “messi is a boy the his mother wil be proud of”. In conclution messi is the best also an epitom

  • The Muchman

    my analysis from the views of these soccer fans i think people are failing to be realistic. When you look at C.ronald he has played for Benfica, Man u and Real Madrid and Professor Lionel Messi has and still playing for Barca. In this context fans for where ronald has played and still playing for have merged in this war. believe me you Messi Messi even if you don’t support the catalans and lets remove self fishness out of this because if C. ronald was of Messi’s caliber through out we could have seen FIFA giving The Ballon O Dor award to C.ronald for more than once. C.ronald is a very good player like kaka, Rivaldo, Zidane , Figo so many to mention but has got something extra which these other players do not have. The youngest ever to win such awards break almost every record

    • Zwan eint

      Excuse me but cr7 never played for benfica probs you are mixing up benfica with sporting Portugal, anyways all messi can do Is just run through players and score goals but cr7 is one of the greats when he gets the ball possession he doesn’t fail to impress with his epic dribbling skills + barca play Tika taka which because of pep destroyed villas scoring deadliness and they have no such thing as crosses inside the box basically because their false man (messi) is short and can’t head in goals like cr7.

      • Pascal

        well Ronaldo can head in goals but Messi scores qualities and important goals…..Just ask Ronaldo about UEFA Champions League final 2009….he will tell you Messi is better than him ………

    • Cr7FTW

      Its footbal not soccer

  • juniormutombo

    ronaldo is he best in world for he do

  • emmanuel

    mr poster, if you were not going to go by the statistics you posted to judge the better player, then why waste 5 minutes of our lives posting them in the first place? because going by the stats you posted above, ronaldo doesn’t go close to messi. so if you do not wanna judge by the stats, then remove them already. and by the way, it is ‘messi and ronaldo’ NOT ‘ronaldo and messi.’ show some respect to the world player of the year.

    • Robin

      Yo Emma I’d rather you watch the matches they play rather than looking at records and running your mouth. P.S its ronaldo then messi

      • Mr Poontang

        Messi is the best because he has a better mentality on the field (and that is a huge factor because ronaldo competes and tries to outdo messi, but messi competes with himself to get better). However,, in truth, ronaldo does have the physicality and strength as a better all round player. Still, both are out of this world and do what’s needed for both clubs. Peace and no need for a heated debate. Both are fuckin fantastic. 🙂

        • C.Serra

          Yes, both are fantastic! I like CR7 because he is magic, explosive, fast and have a power shot goal. He is like a machine. Meanwile, Messi is fantastic with the ball on his foot and dribling front of the goal keeper, Rarely miss a shot! – Well, I love them both!…

        • ashley messi

          Ronaldo is a world class player, so is ibra, neymar, the ribery and others, messi is messi class, thats higher than world class, you valling messi a midget, remember that moment went he jumped higher than vidic and scored…. ronaldo deserves ballon d or 2013 but we all know its because messi has been injured four times this year…

  • temitope

    Truly messi I̶̲̥̅̊S̤̥̈̊ †ђξ youngest player that won 4 times back †̥♡̷̬̩̃̊ back record in †ђξ name of world best player of †ђξ year with just only one team that have good team work, Yes he’s unique but let him go †̥♡̷̬̩̃̊ other big team(s) A̶̲̥̅̊₪D̶̲̥̅̊ let  his performance whether it can be compared †̥♡̷̬̩̃̊ that of ronaldo. A very good example I̶̲̥̅̊S̤̥̈̊ their performance in their national level, at this level both of them play in different team that have little time †̥♡̷̬̩̃̊ train. S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴͡ who among †ђξ two have upper hand in their national level alone? Who’s I̶̲̥̅̊S̤̥̈̊ †ђξ best? S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴͡ Ȋ̝̊̅ go ƒσя c.ronaldo

  • Sameer

    @ The Muchman

    dude Ronaldo never played for benfica, he came from Sporting Lisbon, and there is no need to get mad about who is better, they both are outstanding players who is number 1 ? well everyone has their own opinion and you can not do anything about it so for me Ronaldo is better and if i was given a choice of putting both players in my team i will be freaking delighted.

  • ridhwan lanlokun

    ronaldo d best dat has ever existed in wat football requires.all dis years messi was given d ballon d or without deserving it.take 4 example 2009/2010 he won only one trophy n he couldnt score a single goal for argentina in the world cup n he played rubbish in the coppa america which was hosted in argentina unlike wesley sneijder who was outstanding in all areas wasnt even nominated to be part of the three candidates and we all knew he 100% deseerved it.

    • silver praise

      wawo minus a final in euro against russia hae even ronaldo eva won n thing 4 portugal at n level

  • ereboy

    Who says messi is not d best player in d world. 4 me lionel messi is d ever wrld best player. He make assist more dan ronaldo and even xavi, he can score, he dribble, he is humble and hard working. What more do u want frm him. I have neva seen a player who can change game, when he is needed.he has also broken most of d records in d world

  • Abass

    ronaldo is a better player, despite the fact that madrid started badly ds season, he has scored 50 goals compared to messi’s 57. comon, ronaldo hustles to score his goals bt messi has more assists from mates, he often faces keeper 2 score bt ronaldo can change d game from any angle.
    now, get this:
    1) ronaldo scores more headers than messi
    2) scores more free kicks
    3) scores more outside shorts
    4) uses left and right better than messi.
    bt yet, messi tops him overall, d only way ds cud b happening(if u can reason) is dat messi must av bn facing more posts 2 score. i overprefer ronaldo(ds tym world best).

  • otunba

    messi joo

  • A real Galatico

    Well………. U loving fans out there pls let’s be realistic and put sentiments away; 2 me if u look @ there respective performances over d years, u can only judge by what u see and not what d press are saying. I can say Messi is an outrageous player more of a team player than Cristiano, am a die-hard loving fan of Cristiano but to cut it short Messi is d greatest living player have ever seen. I watched some clips of Gerd Muller goals they were not fantastic as d goals Messi is scoring. Cristiano and Messi should be commended 4 gracing d beauty of d game.

  • Xyz

    Messi is natural and ronaldo is trained product ” ibhraimivic”
    Messi is the best player in the world, as simple it is “beckham”
    There is only one messi, messi Is messi, no one is in his level “yaya toure”
    I always try to copy messis style of playing while I’m on the pitch “neymar”
    I wanted to make barcelona the best club in the world but messi made me one of the best manager in the world “pep”
    Any many more to write…
    Even the great players said messi Is the best player in the world then why are you talking about who is second best.. “Maybe” it’s ronaldo..

    • silver praise

      in 2006-2007 this award means that am the best player in the world yet am not da best player at my club,ronaldinho in owe ov messi

  • shaji babu

    evrry time all ate said messi can not play well in argentina ….pls check..ronaldo status for portugal y he cant score more for portugal …pls replay to me

  • mukeshsingh

    messi is not the best because he didn’t score goals for argentina although he has player such as aguero, tevez,dimaria,higuain,

  • mukeshsingh

    ronaldo is the best if any one has doubt then please see his headers and free kick scoring goal abilities

  • Chuks

    I think cr7 is better than messi, whn looking at things cr7 struggles 4 ball 4 him to score while messi waits 4 the ball to cum to him to score another one is cr7 can score inside the box nd outside the box while messi cnt score inside

    • silver praise

      how many goals,shots does he ave on average every year then compare to leoz.

  • mayor

    Actually CR7 & Lio they are the top of their game, but i have to vote messi for him to have won fifa ballon d’or four consecutive time

  • Saif

    Cr7 is a

  • Saif

    Messi & Ronaldo both good players but I like cr7 his different!!

  • Thanaa

    Messi full stop. Football is a team sport. You cannot just ask which is a better player. It is the one who has won more trophies, who has made their team the best and more successful. I’m sorry, I have to choose Lionel Messi 🙂

  • L0rd reminis

    Hmmmmmm…i wil like 2 tell everyb0dy 2 st0p w0rry 0urself 0ver “wh0 is d best”..instead 0f f0ll0wing wat pele says dat… We shld let b0th r0nald0 nd messi hang their b00t b4 we c0mpares them…b0th player are at d peak 0f their f0rm…s0me 0utstanding player are even 0ut there plying their s0ccer r0nald0 nd messi din’t all0w us 2 ave a glance 0n them…player like…juan mata..0zil..neymar..0scar..hazard..callej0n..falca0..nd cavani..they are even star t0 watch..think twice..b0th messi nd r0nald0 has nt lead their respective c0untry 2 maj0r tr0phy..

  • Sunday

    Ronaldo is far more a complete Player than Messi…He(Ronaldo carries his team alone but Messi has the likes of Super Iniesta and Xavi to help in midfield which is far better than the likes of Ozil and Khedira

  • JC

    I never see Ronaldo alone on the field when Real Madrid played, Besides there are many star player around him who help him in scoring goals through their assists. If you say that Messi perform only with Iniesta n Xavi. We cannot ignore Madrid players like Kaka,Benzema,Higuain,Ozil,D.Maria, who always gave Ronaldo more apportunity to score goals. Without these players around him Ronaldo can be nothing. Messi on the otherhand he alone can confused the opposition defence line and penetrated and make it easier for other players to score and assists him. But Ronaldo though athletic cannot do so, he also need players around him. Ronaldo has won only 1 Ballon D’or where as
    Messi has won 4consecutive Ballon D’or and still the present player of the year.

  • Magnifico Mangthus

    MESSI THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE. Cr7 the fe-male’s choice. MESSI THE BEST.

  • Magnifico Mangthus

    A living cr7 is better than a dead paulo navalho!

  • footballer

    Both of them are phenomenal players but Ronaldo is the best because its not how much you score its how much you play

  • Lion messi

    The best player so far is not by the clubs he has played for, but by the statistic of his support and acheivment, so therefore, i say Lionel Messi is the best, not C Ronaldo, so stop blind argument!

  • Ebenezer Addo

    They are both the best of our generation…but ronaldo deserves next year’s ballon d’or award because he has performed better than mess this year

  • Shafiu saidu

    Cr7 is the Best…… Due to the performance in differen club side and his country.. While messi is not …. I’m sorry messi try again

  • Prince C. Shilue

    Well, let us all stop all those bla.. bla… bla… talks of comparing those two great players of our generation, I watch both Lio10 & Cr7 playing and from my perspective the both of the has individual dribling skills and goal scoring abilities ,for mine point of view Cr7 he’s do distance dribling like that of the French man Therry Henry and some tym scores some free kicks goals, And Lio 10 is a great player who performs as a machine man with da kind great cones driblings to pass 1,2,3,4 players on and on to make a pass or score goals, And Lio has been voted 4 times balloon D’ or and this title can’t be given by favoritism but by great great men and women who’s are captains , coaches and others importance personnel of Fifa, so if this votes being had and one person comes out to be the winner let all of us grant that player good respects honor and bless God for their life…. Lio Messi is really strong player who’s of that kinda youth age to achieved all of those big big titles the great Zizu and Brizilian Ronaldo won by sharing it one will take this year and one else will, and this little boy Lio Messi winning all of the time a year Uh ooooooo… This guy Lio is the best of our time…… Cr7 will have to xplore best before he earn d balloon d or again else Lio Mess is still working hard toward the fifth one ….. Cos Lio 10 breaks every records of the old of Thomas Muller’s Dad and he the highest goal scorer in their domestic league

  • kate

    I am always nice to know and see that oynuyor Messi Ronaldo and Messi can not reach anyone or 4 times the gold ball was messi ronaldo messi was not a record-breaking 96 goals.

  • david carter

    Cristiano ronaldo is d best player ever, messi won 4 ballon d or awards with illegal voting.canavaro won d fifa player of d year award 2006 because he(canavaro) was d most valuable player of d tonament(2006 world cup).messi won d 2010 fifa ballon d or whereas he(messi) was not surpose to be in d top five(5) best player list dat year. 264 people came out n told us that they voted 4 cr7 but there votes n signatures appears in messi’s list, fifa knows what they re doing that why messin is winning awards he deserve not. Cr7 is d best wether fifa like it or not.

  • cr7is cr7

    ronaldo is best everybody knows because he is forward long height heads free kicks penalty and goal scorer messi is good but not that much because he is just goal scorer

  • Abdul Mujeeb Khan

    I like cr7 he is best player in the world he plays very well I think cr7 the best than messi

  • Eddie JJunju

    Messi nhhh Ronaldo is the best player in the world lk when he was playing fr united h nv heard any wrld class mid fielder he cd dribble n score goals fr fun that’s the type of fballer the wrld has gt t offer he cn adopt to any league messi has to prove on

  • Kwame91

    The 1 who break records everydy z da bst n who da probably, Messi.

  • kpannah charles D.B.

    For me both are outstanding but cr7 surpasses messi.
    1.cr7,is good in the air he score goals
    with his head most often
    2.kick from distances to score goals
    3.he is a wide mid fider who score goals
    4.he score goals in the same ark as messi
    5.he score goals with his speed
    6.he play in three majors league n stay consistant
    7.he score goals against all opponent teams in a league
    8.second best intertainer in footballing next to ronaldino
    9.Always want to win

    10.he score more goals than messi head to head.

  • Kwame91

    frm no.6,men futbo z not lyk tennis!! as the player rotate to diffent league
    Messi z at the best club whre evry plyer admire 2go!!
    I thnk ur messi fan coz ol u mntion dea he dd evrydy!

  • Durable44futbol

    No 1 can ovrtak messi in any aspct of d game,,i wish n hope dat he wins 8 balon d`or of yr award…til 2018-2020.. N CR is giv up chasing hm aftr dis season.

  • Ajuwon qudos

    We all know d present uefa and fifa board all supports messi.. Ronaldo Απϑ messi are d two best player in d world!!! But I ll give it to CR7 bcos He has A̶̲̥̅ better exposure than messi… Just like d special one who is found of winning wif any team CR7 can also won with any team!!!CR7 is d magic

  • tunji

    messi we always be top man no checking ure the best not by rudeness or prideness ure the best bcos, God is always assigning it, wish u world greatest player, scorer,skillful.

  • amir spickey estrella

    what t hell both are better but messi isnt the best for nothing

  • awees

    Messi best player on the world

  • silver praise

    i wonder how people talk about headers ,free kicks en many more. messi has always won en just look at the number of assists he has each season ,goals regardless of how less penalties he takes.he can shot 4 attempts in a game en either 3 or 2 are goals compare 2 ronaldo who can shot almost 20 times in a single game plua if cr7 was beta as u say y is that he is alwayz behind leo,be realistic

  • farhad

    Cristiano Ronaldo is the best…!!!.

  • Mekulla

    I don’t understand the way people thinks concerning this two players. From the point of view and statistics here, you would discover that Messi remains the best with all records. Do you people think Honors, Awards that was given to Messi is a child’s play or ratings from sport analysis, reporters, referees and FIFA themselves awarding Messi with Ballon d’ Or for four times is a child’s play? Lets just forget the whole comparisons and crown Messi the greatest player on earth.

  • bibek sharma

    messi might be best player for today,but remember that ronaldo is the best player of all time because he not only plays good for club he also play very good as a captain for the country whichj messi cannot,this isd all happening because messi doesn’t have experience than ronaldo…………..he is 28 but still fighting ,messi was junior s junior&will remain junior………

    • tony

      teri maa ki chut …..messi iz d best bhotni ke

  • gunawan

    Ballon d’ors should be for Ronaldo…;)

    • maher

      ur lame fag it shoud not be cr s bcos he suks

  • Uche Nlemchi

    Let’s leave sentiment out of this Cr7 is a very good player one of the best I hv seen but check out Messi has broken all the goal scoring records in Europe ahead of Cr7 this season he wasn’t at his best yet he beat Cr7 in no of goals Leo broke another record scoring against every club in La liga Haba this is not a Mr world contest is all about record. Mind u he is in pole position for a 5th

  • Zwan eint

    the best player is on how much they have impacted the game, lets see messi has the likes of xavi, iniesta, Pedro, xavi, villa, busquetos etc while cr7 has ozil, modric, benzema, higuain, kaka, xabi Alonso, di Maria etc both barca and rm spend huge and have great coaches, scouts etc but neither cr7 nor messi are the the best player in the world because messi and cristiano are made #1 by their team and coaches and of course their trained skill but now let’s talk about someone else gareth bale, bale has Been at spurs for a while now and is there best player ATM, lets look at spurs: coach: andre villa boas, other good players: adebayor, Defoe?, Scott Parker and etc. many people thought that spurs were carried by Modric but after his leave we’ve seen bale increase even greater and with spurs attackers failing to score its making a left midfielder score more goals who likely is supposed to be assessing these attackers. This just proves that bale is carrying a relegation camp Into euros next season which in a matter of fact is what players with great ability do.

  • nick

    admin should re-do a stat check up, u guys are way off

  • dos santos averio prakasdahal

    c.ronal is the best with compare to messi… all over performance ronaldo had done great jobs to his team and for his record…..due more assists messi had score more goal … so if ronaldo had got tnen hr is farr ,,, so ronaldo is the best and messi is good player.. ronal best fuck the rest…

  • Alie Bangura

    Messi is better player than Ronaldo and more team spirit and hardly get annoy and above all humble despite the caps on him he is modest player.

  • Alie bangura1

    Alie Mawo of man utd Christiano Ronaldo is better than Messi,just take a look to the record of the two player.

  • Samuel

    Messi is better than Ronaldo…He win more important games than Cristiano. for instance, the game againt PSG at Noun Camp, he was injured but still told the coach to allow him play more than the time that the team doctor instruct the coach he could play. Messi is simply the best, now Barcelona has another man (Neymar da Silva), watch out for this great guys come next season. Visca Barca.

  • Naeem

    Tell u what and please notice this comment a more attended way I know that Messi and CR7 are the greatest player of all time but what I think by watching them play in and out I noticed something that some maybe didn’t first off all CR7 is a unlike the striker Messi and even though he keeps up with him and just by what maybe 5 to ten goals he’s behind every single season that’s why we should respect CR7 and remember CR7 is now 28 and still he has that will that charisma that no other player have and even Messi’s favorite D.Maradona said messi is great but Ronaldo is the best because he was true legend and only one legend can understand an other future legend therefore grow up and respect the Blanco’s star CR7 because believe it or not he is the best

  • arshdeep

    ronaldo is better than messi

  • nassercoolman123

    ronaldo is way cheaper then messi.Messi is the best.

  • ryan

    crz is the bestb player all round d only thing meesi can say hes better at is bein a team player

  • timmy

    i think this will clear our doubt on who is the best so far…from the time they both started their professional careers till date, see their stats as follows: MESSI played 459 games for club and country and scored 345 goals, while RONALDO on the other hand has played 624 games for club and country and scored 362 goals. pls do the arithemetic confirm who is best.

  • da virus

    No doubts, Ronaldo is the best player on earth…….buht MESSI is the best player in the UNIVERSE:-D

  • gideon

    honestly,,messi with his limited capability has shown the world that legendry is somtn of the mind and not of physical abilities.the must humble player in football history,,,void of pride and misconduct.u never see him fightin nd pushin or abusin officials,,he rarely collet redcard in a game..inspite of many defenders caging him in,,he stil score d most goals dan his rilvary nt witstandin his limited appearances to far as i know,,he has all it takes to remain the world best player.”am nt interested on personal records”..messi has always told d press..his life is football first i dislike him,,but disliking him cant stop him from from playin football,,his d best dat have eva lived

  • katongole

    u know sum peale just talk without thinking….how can sum peaple say that the last ballon d was belong to cr7 becoz he won the home league..just like that!! but they forgot dat messi won spanish league an club championship..and apart from that messi was top scorer in there leaue with a record of 51 goals and also he was top scorer in champions league with a 2 records becoz he was the first person to score 5 goals in one matrch so my beloved brothers an sisters alwys try to think b4 u talk football game is not just like a movie….ure free to suport who ever u want but no to decide 4 others!!!!

    • mahad

      ure correct my brother some peaple a jealouss abou dat boy….but my brother messi is un comparelable

  • nadjib

    i think that in the last years messi brock every record of the world and he deserved the 4 golden balls but this year i think that ronaldo was better

  • Edmund Tutu

    Platini n Sepp Blatta blatantly favours Messi who in my opinion is good when he plays for Barca n poor at home. For a moment, do FIFA jugded who’s d best by goals? What about performances both @club and in the national teams? A reingning world best player who can’t score a goal in a football tournament as d world cup! This is just politics by FIFA. Well, I blv the whole world knows CR7 is d best all round player in d round leather game. Full stop.

    • Medzo

      Obviously your knowledge is more superficial than deep in the football world. Sure Messi didn´t score a goal in his Last world cup, but you´ve also forgotten to check his team work and shoots on target. Nevertheless, if you had checked before talking (Blinded but some kind of love towards CR7 just like most of his fans) you would know that in his national team (actually) he is on the top of score and assists with 3 hart tricks in a few games only. CR7 is on of the greatest ever but Messi without all the power, speed, height and skills of CR7 made it do the top based on team game, accuracy and talent. Lets just put apart CR7´s face coz this isn´t a beauty show or athleticism and neither are we going to take in consideration Messi´s humbleness against CR7´s arrogance and other problems. Let just value the player and his talent more than his image (THIS IS FOOTBALL). And for that we shall recognize both of them as two of the greatest of all time and Messi as the player of the century CR7 being pretty close to him. Facts talk by themselves but speculations don´t.

  • achara_fab

    Messi scored his 300 goals in his 366 appearance and ronaldo got his 300 career goal in his 499 appearance, national team.. Messi has 35goals and ronaldo has 39.. Messi is just 4 goals behind him, best u20 player and best Olympia with a gold and yet u guys never believe that he is not doin well in the national team with 5hattricks for Argentina, and how many did ronaldo score? None.. 4ballon d’or and ronaldo has just 1 and always coming behind messi and messi have also held the golden boot in he champions league. messi in his 9yrs career have out played maradona in terms of goals (313) and maradona who played for 22yrs has (311) goals. In conclusion.. I did not watch pele or maradona but I watched zidane, ronaldinho and messi.. So stop comparing messi wit ronaldo. Because he is better than zidane already.

    • mahad

      achara i really like yo statistics of the soccer game, it showed me dat ur following de game not just talking like some of our brothers!!! what peaple must know is messi never tell anyone that his number one us alwys CR7 saying everytime!!! messi just left his acts to speak for him self!!!

  • romieking

    all u can see messis and cris records its gonna tell who is better and both are respective men always.

  • haris ali

    Ronaldo is best for ever

    • Livingstone Z. Gbellai

      Guys, stop making noise. Now, Laliga starts August 18, 2013 follow by the Champion league on September 1, 2013. The chance is given CR7 and Leo. Pls help me let’s watch it up and see who’s gonna take the World Football Title again. 4rm this, U’ll know your World BEST.

  • Medzo

    This is neither a beauty show or athleticism. This is football guys!!! Come back on heart and give credit to the one who deserves it. Stop being blinded by fan´s conviction and recognize the ATOMIC “small´´ Messi as the only ONE captain on this 21st century football ship.

  • Tommy Hanninen

    Messi is a much better player who has a bigger impact on his team. I See Rolaldo more often on the pitch with arms raised for the wind brushing past him. Messi Does not want the gimme’s and he is always welling to see opportunity to set up a teammate for an easier goal.

  • kuhkuhkuhkuhku

    Umm pep didnt destroy villa injury destroyed him and barca style of play was always tika taka so you are making stupid excuses and messi still managed to score 91 goals in 1 season with 17 assists from both xavi and iniesta and ps he has a height deficiency

  • popoola gideon


  • olatunde

    messi is another world best bcous dis guy make everthing in the fothbooller is very hard can make is posible

  • lwazi

    messi or ronaldo they r both great…i wil cheer 4 both messi!ronaldo!messi!ronaldo!…even thou stats wont agree wit me

  • Kris

    head to head el classico games… Messi vs ronaldo. cr7 has outplayed Messi. end of story

  • crauf nour

    allreaady cristiano ronaldo is the best player in the world 2013 no more took is a pure we are sure ronaldo won the second ballandor in this year

  • meshack ankomah

    messi all the way

  • Israel Solomon

    cr7 is the best now and will always be

  • vickey mizar

    n dont u dare 2 say

  • Phil

    U Ppl are not being fair to CR7 at alllllllll! He is far far better than Messi. Ronaldo is a team carrier! He can change a match single-handedly even if the rest players in the team are off pace CR7 can still make them win that match. Who is Messio without Xavi and Iniesta. U all saw that last season what Bayern’s did to them. Messi was no where to be found because Xavi and Iniesta were kept quiet in the midfield by Bayern’s midfielders!

    • RealMadridisbest

      CR7 is way better than messi. Real Madrid is the best team! Barca is the worse

  • gonmei rajangdai

    hey guys have u ever wonder why nobody knws the second man on the moon?or da second man on mount everest??n y nobody knws the man behind usian bolt??? fools!! because they are not the real winners. now take a look into the fact.who is the man holding the record in football history?? we hear the name ‘ronaldo’ now just because he lives in our time.after his time is up,nobody’s gona know him.because the real champion is messi or perhaps the only magician in football history. 🙂

  • cr7923 rahul

    well well well,there are number of comments above,that are basically based on goals for messi and the way cr7 plays,do u think that ronaldo is the goal machine.No,he is not,do u think messi is the machine of football,magician of football,complete player ever in history,the most youngest player ever to receive the ballon d’or.NO,
    a)machine-to carry the ball at a speed of 30 km/p,normal running speed 33.3 km/p.
    b)magician-to finish the game with an excellent style and goals.
    c)complete player-does everything which a footballer does(long shots with both feet in and out side the box,unstoppable freekicks,blistering pace,dazzlingskills,bullet headers and a cheetah’s spped)
    d)youngest footballer to receive the ballon d’or[2007 and 2008 (age at 2007-22 yrs and 2008-23 yrs)
    RONALDO HAS IT ALL… BUT MESSI HAS NOT REACHED TO THAT LEVEL WHERE RONALDO IS,and in the above comments people have commented about messi mentioning his goals,have u ever thought that the goals he scored,most of them were assisted goals most probably according to pele(the greatest footballer in history)messi in a “D” player,THIS proves that ronaldo is better than messi…

  • Chichu

    Just check the small shelf cr7 has with trophies , and check Messi’s 4 times larger , messi keeps breaking all kinds of records while cr wishes . Cr7 has 319 goals , messi has 318 goals and has played 142 games less then cr … So go figure , messi kicks the ball to the net while cr takes wild poweful shots and misses the net entirely . cr is still a great player but MESSI is TOTAL ,!!!

  • william huch

    messi wins but i think now ronaldo is being a bit under rated. he still is up there with messi. Ronaldo scored against manchester in both legs of the quater final which helpd the side place a seat in the semi final against borussia dortmund where he was the only player from madrid to score there. even though he was scoreless in the second leg of that semi final, he had alot of oppourtunities which was just a sheer of bad luck. overall ronaldo isnt getting that much attention that he shoukld be getting considering he is still the only player currently being compared to the Footballing great lionel messi. But new season means new competition and new signings. C.Ronaldo and G. Bale vs L. Messi and L. Neymar who will winthe race for the la liga copa del rey and maybe the champions league.

  • Dontgetjealous

    most people who comment here seriously need to watch a lil more soccer leo messi is better then cr7 4 balon de oros about to brake rauls goal record in uefa champions (ronaldo no were near tht record) messi doesnt get upset for not being the top played player) who scores more messi whos assist more messi more liga titles messi more uefa champions messi people say messi cant do anything with aregentina there already qualified to the wolrd cup Portugal hasn’t yes ronaldo is really good but come on messi is at another level

  • Omar

    Messi is so great legend has it he can actually turn into the ball…


    CR7 is de best , even messi but my vote is goes with my fevour cr7


    Messi failed 2 score against atletico madrid. If cr7 score at daby its means he is a great 1 at de world.

  • jang xandro gonmei

    no medicine for fools…sorry guys messi is still the best.

  • ignatius

    I love ronaldo he is the best no size

  • hotemper

    Messi is God in Football. Not until the death of Messi, Ronaldo will not win even a rubber spoon again. Messi remains d best. People make noise about national sides. Pls can someone tell me any season that Ronaldo has scored more than Messi 4 national team? I think malaria is disturbing u people. Messi and Ronaldo who has more trophy 4 country? Did u know that Greece won their 1st european championship in Ronaldo soil using him to open and close d europian championship? What a shame. Ronaldo should be compared wit d likes of suarez, neymar etc and not Messi. Messi is football Jesus

  • gautam

    east or west leo messi is the best

  • Dilly prasad sharma

    I am from nepal (pokhara). I like messi. i am the biggest fan of him. please messi is no.1 player. i am not lying. ronaldo is handsome so all of them like but he is not a better than messi. I am saying politely…….

  • mahdi

    love c.ronaldo

  • mayank

    Cristiano ronaldo is btr .i thnk he should win ballon ‘d or evry year .bt bcoz of tht mdrfcker Blatter he cnt win .

  • muhdsuhail

    u can only just thnk that CR7 wins a ballon dor but it’z not gonna happen buddy

  • kamal singh

    messi is the best footballer in the world or on earth .after messi ronaldo deserves second place.

  • Yaw

    Cr7 is jux outstanding….he will remain de best as long as madrid lives

  • carleto123321rlos

    OMG this page is full of ronaldo weepers… keep on crying ronaldo fans hahaha …when your cristina ronaldo win 4 balls d´or in a row….you can come here again and you can say ronaldo is the best… meanwhile …..shut da fk up, you weepers … Cristina ROnalda never will be able to win 4 in a row… haha! 🙂

  • hassan5th

    christian Ronaldo is the world best classic player of the year, more than anyone. Give it to him with truth and loyalty.

  • Amr

    Ronaldo is the best thing I’ve ever seen

  • Mehmet Aslan

    this topic is meaningless because it is a vicious cycle and your opinions will be nothing so plz dont waste your times by comparing who is better
    r7 or m10 😀

  • bleo laisy

    no comment………….welll……..cr7 is d best

  • usmanali

    lionel andres messi isthe best you dont compare with ronaldo in 2014 because messi was injured you fuckers messi win 4 ballon dors

  • usmanali

    not 2014 2014

  • usmanali

    injured in2013

  • widson flo

    messi is the best because is make more goal in the wold oline won pesone is can be this is hen

  • Rakcase

    Pele is the best after that messi

  • Rakcase

    See the history 1st pele after that messi there is no name of cr7 in greatest player of the world

  • joe fabehanno

    Christiano ronaldo dose san tos. Aviero -commonly. Known. As. Dediplata is. 100percent better. Then messi. Cr. The. World wild best player unstopible.

  • junaid

    messi better than ronaldo

    • don

      Ronaldo is a more complete football player than messi

    • james

      No ronaldo is better

  • Ziyad

    Cr7 is better than messi

  • Sh Ya M

    M not gonna choose on of them but I must say they both r great player….

  • aman bhushan prasad

    messi is better than ronaldo

  • dgfdsgdfgfg

    bitch chicharito is better

  • FootieMad

    Messi is far better than Cristiano IMO. Ronaldo has much more shots than Messi, most of them end up ending up way back in the stands ! having said that when they go on target, WOW ! Messi has much fewer shots on goal, but, get most of them on target, making him more efficient. Messi can also shoot from long range (and again, more on target).
    Cristiano does not assist as much as Leo, again this proves that the little Argentinian is more clinical with his passing.
    Messi is scoring and having a better success rate when taking free kicks than Ronaldo. I do take my hat off to the strength/physical condition of Cristiano Ronaldo, his power makes him deadly when heading the ball..
    What Messi may lack in power he makes up for with his low centre of gravity and sharpness (both physical & mental), this enables him to change direction and speed rapidly, and, when you blend that with his “demonic” skills, well, we’ve all seen it. He may not have a powerful leap to head the ball, although not his forte, the little guy has a very decent header, we all remember the CL final against Man Utd.

    Messi’s has hands down won more team honors (trophies) and individual honors than his Portuguese counterpart.
    PEOPLE, in Lionel (Leo) Messi, we are witnessing the best football player in HISTORY !!!
    I encourage you to all to relish and appreciate watching him play while we still can !!!

    • hhiijon

      messi is way over rated and ronaldo has more apps, goals , assists and he is waaaaaaaaayyy awesomer. bit ch.

  • Samyak

    Tough choice but ronaldo sa diver and cheat. Technique wise messi is better but it’s a tough comp. I will go for messi

  • hhiijon

    ronaldo is way better

  • Messi10

    Messi such better than Ronaldo

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