Ronaldo is after Messi

by Nicholas Salgado | Posted on Sunday, November 30th, 2014 | 0

On Tuesday night Messi surpassed everyone in terms of scoring goals in the Champions League. Yesterday Ronaldo took another step in trying to surpass Messi in terms of scoring. He got his 71st goal in Champions League against Swiss champion Basel. With that goal, he has the same number of goal as Raul and he is in great form this year. He might surpass him if he can keep his form as it is. Real Madrid won this match by the only goal scored by this superstar. And thanks to that Real has secured the top position for group B in the Champions League.

Messi and Ronaldo

The win against Basel was Real’s 15th consecutive win in a row. They scored a total of 56 goals in their last 14 matches and they were very confident today as well but they were not that devastating for their opponents today and that is why the difference is so low. But thanks to Ronaldo, they left the match with complete 3 points from this match.

On the 35th minute of play Real Madrid took the lead by the score of Cristiano Ronaldo. But he has to thank French striker Karim Benzama as it was Benzama who dribbled the ball in opponents D-Box and got close to the goal post. Then he passed the ball to Ronaldo and he didn’t make any mistake. He scored his 71st UEFA Champions League goal from that pass.

Ronaldo could have gotten a goal at the beginning of the match but his amazing shot was stopped magnificently by Basel’s Keeper. On 77th minute his shot hit the bar post and that prevented him from scoring a second time. On the second half, Basel got close to scoring twice as well but their try remained as a try as they couldn’t find the back of Real’s net in this match. This goal made him the second top scorer together with Zarara and he is now 3 goals away from Messi.


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