Ronaldo Means 50 Plus goals in a season

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Monday, May 23rd, 2016 | 0


Sergeo Romes thing, Ronaldo means, he will be an asset of 50 goals score in a season. Real Madrid skipper want to a great contribution in the final of Champions League as like as his whole Champions League season.

Like each past season, this 2015-16 season Ronaldo passing another extraordinary season. So far he had scored 51 goals in 47 matches in the whole season. And it is the 6th consecutive season he scored 50+ goals in a single season. At this Champions League Ronaldo scored 16 goals from 11 matches. On this way he also scored record 12 goals in Group stage.

Since 2009, after joined Real Madrid Ronaldo passed himself each time in each single season. He is more the happy in this club, he said many time. But in last 2 season, the whispering of his leaving Real several time. But Ramos decline all the provability of his leaving club.

“It is difficult to imagine Real Madrid without Cristiano. We are happy to have him here because he’d be at least 50 goals per season guaranteed. ”

Ronaldo’s performance in the context of a long time, Ramos said: “This means that for so many years like this is very difficult to play, but he’s going to play like this. As long as he is here, as a club, we will guarantee its goals. ”

At the next Saturday, at Sun Siro Stadium, Real Madrid will be on field to seeking of 11th title of Champions League and this time they will play against Atletico Madrid.

“I think he (Ronaldo) has a special relationship with Champions League. Some argue that one thing cannot be, he’s a special player that takes the team forward. He has been doing it for a long time. “

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