Ronaldo become twin child’s father!

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Sunday, June 11th, 2017 | 0

Portugal’s superstar Cristiano Ronaldo become the father for the second time. It is claimed that the Portuguese TV channel SIC. Their claim, CR Seven has been father of twin child.

Ronaldo has been the father of twins in the process of ‘surrogacy’ (tenant pregnancy). Some of the media in Portugal say that the boy and girl are children.

With the help of ‘Surrogate Mother’ from the West Coast of the United States, now the father of the twin child has become the Real Madrid star. Ronaldo is keeping the secret of being the mother of two children. However, it is believed that Sarogat mother is in any place on the American coast of America.
It is said that this twin children of Ronaldo have been named Eva and Mateo. Although the Portuguese superstar still not officially announced any name. Previously in 2010, at the first time CR& became the father by ‘Sarugate Mother’. His name was Ronaldo Jr.

In March, British media claimed that Ronaldo had been the father of twin sons. Although later it proved to be ‘fake’. This time the news is true whether it will tell!


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