Roma’s win Genoa’s field

by Nicholas Salgado | Posted on Sunday, December 14th, 2014 | 0

Italian top league Serie A’s fight for the trophy is getting immensely interesting. The top ranked team Juventus lost 2 points in their last match and FC Roma used that chance to decrease the gap between these two teams.

Sunday of Genoa’s field the goal scorer for Roma was Belgium’s midfielder Nainggolan. The goal came at the 40th minute of the match. With that, roma got an away win against Genoa.

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On the 29th minute of the match the easiest chance of the match came. For fouling Nainggolan inside the d-box, the referee showed red card to Genoa’s Italian goal keeper Perin and thus making Genoa only a 10 man team without the regular goalkeeper. Not to mention they got a penalty very early in the match. But Roma’s Serbian striker Liaich failed to score from such a great opportunity.

With this win Roma’s point is 35 and they are in the 2nd position of the league point table at the moment.

With 36 points, the top team at the moment is Juventus. They had a draw against Sampdoria in their own home field and the score was 1-1. With that Juventus is win less in their last 3 matches but they are also undefeated as well

Roma on the other hand is getting very closer to Juventus and that is making the Italian League more interesting.

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