Red card made Suarez angry

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Thursday, February 9th, 2017 | 0

Luis Suarez is one of the three most important part of MSN where MSN means Messi, Neymar and Suarez. Yesterday while playing against Atletico Madrid at their home ground Camp Nou, he was given a red card by facing second yellow card. Which means, he could not take part in next matches of Copa del Rey competition.

However, last match against Atletico was the second leg of semi final match which was drawn but calculating two legs, Barca has got the clearance for the final by goals aggregation. So, upcoming match which will be the final of Copa del Rey which is an important match and Spanish giant should stage their top rated players in the field. That would be pathetic for Suarez which will not be given permission to play.

Red card made Suarez angry

However, this Uruguayan strikers demanded that he did not make any mistake or did not break any rules of the ground and so, according to his opinion, Referee took the wrong decision.

At the end of the match, unfortunately Koke was hurt by this Uruguayan which was regarded as accident by Suarez. Referee did not need to show a yellow card for that. So, facing second yellow card at the 90 minutes of the game, he was removed from the field. Suarez was getting very angry for this wrong decision and also laughed. He wanted to know the fault but referee did not present any explanation for that.

Now, Luis Suarez hopes that team Barcelona  will aply against the red card. Because if the red card will work, he can not play in the next match which will be the final of Copa del Rey. And if Suarez will miss the match, team Barca would suffer. However, the coach of Barca also wants to apply against this facts. But he also believes that according to his previous experience, apply against the red car will not change anything.

The final of Copa del Rey will be executed in next 27th May, 2017 where Luis Suarez could not take part due to red card issue. So, coach Enrique is thinking the possible alternative of this Uruguayan superstar. Luis Suarez stated earlier that, he feels disappointed that he could not perform in the biggest match of the tournament. But he also realises that it used to happen in football always.

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