The reason Chelsea can’t get Messi

by Nicholas Salgado | Posted on Friday, December 26th, 2014 | 0

There is a lot of rumors going on about Chelsea trying to bring Lionel Messi to Stamford Bridge. Leo’s friend Cesc Fabregas also said that, he will feel better if Messi comes to Stamford bridge and plays for Chelsea. But the truth of the matter is even if they want to, they can not bring Barcelona forward Lionel Messi into their home and that is the truth for Chelsea. Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho cleared the topic very recently.

When reporters asked Mourinho – “can you bring Messi to Chelsea for playing ?”

Portuguese coach clearly said – “No, we don’t have that option and it is not possible.”


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Why isn’t is possible, many will ask. The reason is obviously economical. Is it because Chelsea doesn’t have the abily to bring the Argentine captain to their home ?

Mourinho said about this topic like this – “The reason is, UEFA’s Financial Fair Play (FFP). We always have to abide by some rules set by FFP. So we have to keep our money related issues within calculated numbers. Chelsea is not in the position to buy a magical player with a huge sum of money.”

Chelsea disclosed that they earned over 10.04 million pound in last year. If they want to buy Messi then they have to pay 20.50 million euro which doesn’t match up with their income. Even if Chelsea has the money to bring Messi, it won’t match with their earnings at all.

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