Real Madrid’s five footballers does not want Ronaldo!

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Tuesday, June 27th, 2017 | 0

Cristiano Ronaldo’s shoulder was on the front lines of Real Madrid, who had tremendously shielded opponents in the last few seasons. Real Madrid smashed the last smile in almost every match. It can be said, the party’s savior. But in the team’s five important footballers does not want Ronaldo to be!

Spanish media has published such a report. Several Spanish newspapers claim that, they do not want Ronaldo to play the lead role of Real Madrid to take La Liga and the UEFA Champions League title for the second time in a row after five years. Even the coach Zinedine Zidane has started looking for alternatives to Ronaldo!

Spanish media says Real Madrid’s five-star footballer does not want the team’s savior. Spanish media says the team does not want to save the team, Real Madrid’s five-star footballer. Even the magazines that have presented their identity. They are – Gareth Bell, Alvaro Morata, Karim Benzama, Marco Asencio and Luca Modrick. Spanish journalists claim that if Ronaldo returns the real, all of them will be benefited. But Gareth Bale will be the most beneficial among them!
Earlier, Ronaldo was charged with a tax evasion of 14.7 million euros. The allegation that Ronaldo’s lawyers directly denied. However, there was no formal comment from Real. Because Barcelona had supported the allegations against Messi. Then the supporters of the club washed the club. Complaints of tax evasion are not acceptable to the players of the club. Real maybe taking cautious steps thinking of that.

And it is Ronaldo’s main reason to leave the club. The Spanish captain has decided to leave Real Madrid due to excessive tax evasion and no support from the club on this incident. After the announcement of Real, the two best clubs were uprooted. Former Portuguese player Manchester United and the French club Paris Saint-Germain have taken lots of money to get him.
Real manager Florentino Perez as well as the head coach of the team, Zinedine Zidan, to call Ronaldo and requested him  not to leave the club a few days ago. But it is not known whether the request was done. Spanish media claims that as a replacement for the Portuguese captain Eden Hazard and Antonio Grizman are thinking of Real coach!

To whom so much discussion, he is currently busy playing for the Confederations Cup in Russia for Portugal. But the club that will buy Ronaldo, the club will pay 400 million Euros to Real. Although Los Blancoz believes that Ronaldo will be proved innocent in a tax evasion case. And after the Confederations Cup, Ronaldo will try to keep Rael at the club club officials.

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