Real Madrid Remain Top of the List of Money League

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Friday, January 22nd, 2016 | 0

Though Barcelona won all the title of last season in league but Real Madrid defeats them in the league of Wealth.

This is the 11th consecutive time that Real Madrid won the title of the richest club in the world.

As per A research report of International Accountant Firm Deloyeta, the most successful team of Spain earn 5.770 Million Euro at 2014-15 season.


In the football money league Barcelona come to the second place after beyond Bayern Munich and Manchester United. The treble winner team Barcelona’s last season income were 5.68 Million euro. The gross income for Barcelona’s is .76 million euro then last season.

Last season runners up Manchester United placing on the 3rd at the list this season with 5.195 million euro. Bayern Munich go down 2 steps and placing on 5th place at the list. Their income is 4.740 million euro. PSG comes on the 4th at the list with 4.740 million income.

List of 10 Richest Football Club:

Club Name                                          Income of last season (Euro)

 Real Madrid                                      5.770 million

Barcelona                                            5.68 million

Manchester United                        5.195 million

PSG                                                        4.88 million

Bayern Munich                                   4.740 million

Manchester City                              4.635 million

Arsenal                                                4.355 million

Chelsea                                                  4.2 million

Liverpool                                             3.918 million

Juventus                                              3.239 million


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