Real Madrid overview – 12 months of disappointment in 2015

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Sunday, December 27th, 2015 | 0

Another glorious year for Barcelona and another disappointing 12 months for Real Madrid. Once they were though to be the best club of the world and now they are nothing but a shadow of their previous self. In recent time, they just can not match up to Barcelona. lets take a look how the year went for Real Madrid one by one months.

January –

the season started with a disaster as their so called 22 matches winning streak didn’t last any more than that and ended in the very first match of the year. they also was ruled out of Copa del Ray in this month.

February –

Ronaldo’s birthday party caused quite some bothering news for the players and they lost their match against Atletico by 4-0 which everyone thought due to the party and not practicing.

March –

Loosing to Barcelona in Camp Nou hurt them bad and they lost the first position of the table to Barcelona in this month.

April –

luka Modric got injured and was ruled out of the side for the rest of the season which made Real Madrid suffer a lot in the later state.

May –

Real lost to Juventus in the Semi-Final of Champions League and the goal scorer was Morata. Carlo Ancelotti was fired and they began looking for a new coach.

June –

Rafael Benitej was declared as the coach of Real Madrid. Sergio Ramos got into some problem with Real management and refused t sign the deal.


July –

Real Madrid legend Iker Casillas took off from the clan. He was not having the best of his time under the bar and some thought that Real management forced him out.

August –

rumor of bad relationship between Real Madrid players and their coach Benitej started floating around and Real had a bad start to the new season.

September –

Real tried to sign in United goal keeper David De Gea but failed and that didnt end very god for them snce they became the laughing material of the country.

October –

once the players talk against the coach. After their draw with Atletico Madrid, they said that Benitej is too defensive and this is not how Real Madrid plays.

November –

A very disappointing month for Real as they lost to Barcelona by a huge 4-0 at their own home ground. To make things worse, Barcelona star Messi was out in the sideline due to injury. Also, sme sex related tapes and news put a dark spot on the Real Madrid club honor.

December –

Real made a mistake in Copa Del ray and played a player who was banned for that match which caused them elimination from Copa Del Ray. However, the grand win of 10-2 against Rayo Valecano should be their gift at the end of the season as they might actually end the season with something good and hope that next year is better than thos one.

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