Real Madrid didn’d tolerate Messi’s insult

by Nicholas Salgado | Posted on Tuesday, December 9th, 2014 | 0

he could be the toughest opponent and he can be the enemy on the field. But that is not a reason to insult any player and that is considered as poor behavior. there will be many opponents in the field but respecting the opponent is the beauty of the play. Real Madrid abides by these rules. And that is the reason they didn’t tolerate their eternal enemy Lionel Messi’s insult.

Saturday against the match with Celta Vigo some Real Madrid fans made some sort of offensive song and sang it during that match. The whole subject was Gaudy and Repellent. That song made so much insult of Lionel Messi and Barcelona that even the Spanish League Committee got words of it.


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Before the committee could take action Real Madrid took the effort to find those 17 “DEDICATED FANS” and made sure that those fans can never watch any of the Real Madrid games. with this, they will never be able to see any type football match played either home or abroad by Real Madrid.

The words used in that song is so bad that it even goes against Spanish football law and regulation. they said that Mesi is Disabled and they also introduced Barcelona as “Bloody Catalania.”

Recently LFP has taken the decision of being even harder on this type of fans or viewers who come to watch the match and makes rude comment. In this topic, there will be an investigation from now on.

Recently an innicent supporter died in clash in the match of Deportivo and Atletico Madrid. With that death, LFP has started taking drastic measures to stop this type of behaviors.

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