Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid get a suspension from Ban

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Sunday, January 31st, 2016 | 0

Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid was banned from registering new players because of registering too many under 18 players and it was thought to be a heavy crime. However, both Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid appealed against this and they might get a suspention from the banning.
Spanish giants Barcelona suffered the same ban for over a year and they appealed which allowed them to transfer Suarez in a transfer window. There is a chance that the same thing could happen with Real Madrid and their city rival Atletico Madrid.

Both of them were banned recently and both of the clubs appealed against it but although the ban will be staying, it may not start at the very next transfer window and both teams might be given a chance to bring in new players from other clubs. The ban will be staying for over 2 years if the punishment doesn’t get lowered and that might be a long delay for the club to get some quality players. Keeping that in mind, they might be get a suspension from the ban.
The news is that Real wants Manchester United keeper Davis De Gea and Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski. Although, neither players will be easy to pursue to join from their respective clubs and Real Madrid will have spend a fortune to get them.

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