Rayo Volcano Beat by Real Madrid

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Monday, December 21st, 2015 | 0

4-3-2-1. not it is not at formation of football. This is the total number of goal of Real Madrid against Rayo Volcano last night in la liga. Gareth Bael’s 4, Karim Benzama’s 3, Cristiano Ronaldo’s 2 and Danilo’s one goals beat Rayo by 11-2.

In first 30 minutes Rayo shows 2 red cards. At the 14th minutes of game age Robarto Triguara left fields after a serious tackle.

First goals for Real Madrid comes at 3rd minutes, which scored by Danilo. But Rayo Volcano scored twice after that goals in 3 minutes. First goal scored by Rayo by Anthonio Amaya at 10th minute and at 12th minute Rayo scored again, this time the name of scorer was Jozabed. That is all Rayo’s action. And then G Bale got his first goals of the match. That was the start, at 41st, 61st and 70th minutes he scored more 3 goals. This was the first time he had scored 4 goals in his career as well as for Real Madrid. This was also his 2nd hat-trick for Real so far. Cristiano Ronaldo got his first goals after penalty shoot. Which was cased the second yellow card of Bayana and Rayo made up 9 man team. But in the TV replay’s any foul sign not found. Actually after that red card Rayo drop out from the game.

However Rayo Volcano have got a chance to make point for the first time at Real Madrid’s home after 25 years. But they field after 10-2 goals defeats. With this big victory Real Madrid in the 3rd on league table. After 16 games they have 10 victory with 3 each defeats and drawn. Scored most 42 goals by them and conceded only 15 goals so far. And become the second lowest goals conceding team including  Barcelona.

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