PSG dreaming of defeating Barca in Champions League

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Wednesday, February 8th, 2017 | 0

In 2016 – 17 season of Champions League, Barcelona and Paris SG have been qualified to the round of 16 round where both are now scheduled to play against each other there. Their first leg will be hosted at the PSG’s field in next 14th February, 2017 and 2nd leg will be staged in 8th March, 2017 at Camp Nou. But in both case, PSG would be under pressure because their previous experiences against Barcelona were not good enough. In last four season of Champions League, Paris finished their tour by facing defeat against them and now this time they will have to face the same barrier. But this time, the Parisians Italy midfielder Thiago Motta is wishing to beat the Spanish champion and move to the quarter final.

PSG dreaming of defeating Barca in Champions League

In the season of 2012/13 and 2014/15, PSG took their leave by losing against Barcelona in quarter final. According to the face to face or recent performance, Barcelona is many steps ahead than Paris. But still Motta thinks that the picture would change this time.

In next 14th February, 2017, the apprentices of Luis Enrique will play against Ligue 1 champion at Parc des Princes and in next 8th March, 2017 the second leg between them will be executed at Camp Nou.

However, Italian Motta stated in a Spanish news portal that Barcelona is regarded as the favourite between them no doubt and PSG knows very well about the ability of Barca. They played a number of times against them. But here is the only option to move to the quarter final by defeating Barcelona.

Though, he also knows that as easy to say that but it would more difficult to defeat Barca. They have possesses the most strong attacking side in the current world which consists of Messi, Neymar and Suarez which is called simply MSN.

But, Motta also believes that the both two matches will be hard for them but it also tough for Barca as well. Though, Barca is the favourite between them and so, they will be under more pressure.

So, this Italian midfielder is exciting and waiting eagerly for the upcoming competition and hoping to move to the next round by beating Barcelona.

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