Premier League Player Salaries (Club by Club)

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man city players salaries 2014 English Premier League is by far the most followed and rich league in the world, with £3.5 Billion coming in from the 2013-14 season in Premier League TV Money which will be distributed between the 20 clubs according equaly. Manchester City also tops the wage bill in all sports categories with a massive £233m n 2012-13 season. All the figures below is taken for year ending record books.

All Premier League Clubs Wage Bill 2011 to 2014 Seasons

Premier League Team’s Wage Bills 2011-2014
NO# TEAM 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14
1 Man City
£202m £233m £242m
2 Chelsea
£173m £179m £190m
3 Manchester United £162m £181m £187m
4 Arsenal £143m £154m £162m
5 Liverpool £119m £132m £140m
6 Tottenham £90m £96m £112m
7 Aston Villa £70m £72m £74m
8 Newcastle United £64m £62m £68m
9 Sunderland £64m £58m £55m
10 Everton £63m £63m £66m
11 Fulham £62m £67m £70m
12 Swansea City £35m £49m £55m
13 West Brom £50m £54m £48m
14 Stoke City £53m £60m £53m
15 Norwich £74m £75m £68m
16 West Ham £42m £56m £62m
17 Southampton £29m  £47m £52m
18 QPR £58m £78m
19 Reading £27m £46m
20 Wigan £38m £44m


We also have players salary of top 6 clubs which you can reach by clicking the club name for more detailed information about which player is earning what. While Highest paid Premier League player is Eden Hazard, Wayne Rooney and Fernando Torres and Manchester City is the highest paying team not only in Premier League but Worldwide sports according to Forbes

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