List of Premier League Kit Suppliers Current Contracts

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Full list of 20 Premier League clubs (2014-15) kit suppliers contracts with sports manufacturing companies like adidas, Nike, Puma, Warrior, Umbro and Macron. The list is pretty accurate with length of the contract and yearly payments.

Premier League kit Suppliers Deals 2014-2015

2014-15 Premier League will be starting on 16th August 2014 and all the 201 clubs has already released their home and away kits and you can find all the team jerseys for Premier League teams and blow is the detail of every teams kit supplier deals, length of the contract and how much yearly income the club will recieve from their kit contracts.

So which company will be supplying kits to the more teams in premier league ? here are the details with Adidas leading the race with 6 deals with premier league teams.

  • Adidas (6 teams)
  • Nike (3 teams)
  • Puma (4 teams)
  • Warrior ( 2)
  • Umbro ( 2 )
  • Macron (2 )

Manchester United have signed the most expensive Kit contract with Adidas in the history of sports which is worth massive £75 million year over the next 10 years which will give United around £750 million just from their kit contract. But if they fail to qualify for Champions League for more than 1 year, there will be 20% reduction in the deal to £53 million a year.

Arsenal latest deal with Puma is worth £30 million a year for next 5 years while Chelsea’s adidas contract is also worth £30m a year for 7 years. rest of the details are blow.

Premier League Kit Suppliers Contracts – Updated August 2014
1 Manchester United Live StreamManchester United (New) Adidas 10 Years (2015-25) £75m £750m
2 Arsenal wage billArsenal
Puma 5 Years (2014-19) £30m £150m
3 Chelsea Logo 2013-2014Chelsea  Adidas 7 Years (2011-18) £30m £210m
4 Liverpool logo 2013-2014Liverpool Warrior 3 Years (2012-15) £25m £75m
5 Manchester United Live StreamManchester United (current) Nike 13 Years (2002-15) £24m £312m
6 Man City logo 2013-2014Manchester City  Nike 10 Years (2013-23) £12m £120m
7 Tottenham Logo 2013-2014Tottenham Underarmour 5 Years (2014-19) £10m £50m
8 Newcastle United Logo 2013-2014Newcastle United Puma 4 Years (2012-16) £5m £20m
9 Everton Logo 2013-2014Everton Umbro 5 Years (2014-19) £6m £30m
10 QPR LogoQPR  Nike 5 Years (2014-19) £9m £45m
11 Stoke City logo 2014Stoke City  Warrior 2 Years (2014-16) £1.5m £3m
12 Sunderland Logo 2013-2014Sunderland  Adidas 3 Years (2012-15) £1m £3m
13 Swansea City logo 2013-2014Swansea (Extended) Adidas 4 Years (2011-15) £1m £4m
14 West Brom Logo 2014West Brom  Adidas 3 Years (2011-14) £1.5m £4.5m
15 West ham Untied Logo 2014West Ham  Adidas 2 Years (2013-15) £2m £4m
16 Aston Villa Logo 2013-2014Aston Villa  Marcon 5 Years (2012-17) £3m £15m
17 Hull City Logo 2013-2014Hull City Umbro 4 Years (2014-18) £3m £12m
18 Southampton Logo 2014Southampton N/a
19 Leicester cityLeicester City Puma 3 Years (2012-15)
20 Crystal Palace Logo 2013-2014Crystal Palace Macron 4 Years (2014-18)
21 BurnleyBurnley
Puma Since 2010 to 15
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