Pogba Breaking the world Record

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Friday, July 22nd, 2016 | 0

Pogba Braking the world Record

Almost all the formalities are complete. Juventus’ French midfielder Paul Pogba coming back in Manchester United. Both team has reached a deal about transfer fee. Salaries and other financial benefits are also negotiating with Pogba. The only barrier is -Pogbas agent fees. Who will make it; and complete this barrier, Pogba is going to create new record.

British, French, Italian press reports, the United is costing 119 million pounds or 100 million euros to got Pogba and Juventus also accept this. Gareth Bale’s transfer fee was 85 million pounds (100 million euros) from Tottenham to Real Madrid at 2013. But the 23-year-old French midfielder broke the record within 3 years and building a new world record.

Pogba failed to meet the expectations in EURO. However, he still remained with the European clubs scrimmage. Pogba will pay almost three times more than Juventus in United. Around 13 million euros a year!

Pogaba’ personal hair stylist post pictures instagram with French star new hear clips style and post, wrote “is to change Pogba’s hair clips for new club.” Manchester Evening report, who will play 18.4 million pounds fee of Pogbas Agent is not finalized yet. United wants the club to be shared equally, to all aspects of Juventus United.


Pogba Growing up in the youth projects of the United and now he is ready to return at Old Trafford. After spending three years in Juventus. Was gone for free, after four years the return to world.

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