Pep Gardiola to be the world’s most paid coach

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Friday, December 25th, 2015 | 0

Pep Gardiola is the name of a genius. What hasnt he done? he has won the Champions Leagiue twice in 4 years for Barcelona. Became nearly unbeatable in La Liga and one of the few coaches ever to win all 6 trophies in a season winnable by any team.

In Bayern, he has taken them to a height where no other Bundesliga team can touch them anymore. although Champions League yet remains untouched but he led his tea to Semi-Final twice in two years. A feat not many coached can achieve. Still, its prominent that Bayern is letting go of him. They are bringing in Ancelotti who has won 3 champions league and is a legend himself. Its clear that Bayern wants more Champions League trophy and that is the real decision.


Well, its on the out for arguing but no one can deny that Pep Gardiola is one of the best coaches if not the best coach of the world right now. So, who wouldn’t want him? Almost all big clubs want him but to get him, they have to pay a big price and not every club can pay it.

This time around both Manchester City and Manchester United is in the race to get this great and according to the latest rumors, its Manchester City that is going to win Gardiola.

Apprently they are going to offer a sum of 18million euro annual salary to the coach which is roughly $25 million dollars. if you are confused then the highest paid coach before used to get 13 million euro and no other coach of any sort of game in the world has ever been paid that much money. It just shows how much City wants him and how much Gardiola is worth.

Lets make it more interesting. Do you know the annual Salary of players like Aguero who is the key man of Manchester City? if we get a round figure then it will be around 11 million euro. So, City is willing to play 7 million mopre to a coach than their best striker.

in a situation where every team is bringing in cheque books to get the players they want, Gardiola is one coach that is actually going to be paid more than the players. Well, i say this man is worth that much money.

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