PELE is out of hospital

by Nicholas Salgado | Posted on Thursday, December 11th, 2014 | 0

six days ago Pele uploaded a video thanking the well-wishers. That video made sure to the public that he is getting well. people all over the world was very glad that this legend is going to be among as for a longer period of time. But he still didn’t get the permission to leave the hospital even then. Finally he got that permission. 2 days ago he came back to his house. he is well enough to move and and the doctors said its okay now if he lives at home now.



on 24th November he was admitted to hospital because of urinating problem and infection in his rectum. After three days it was announced that Pele is in critical condition. he was kept at intensive care center around that time. However after that his condition has started to improve. 3 days ago the hospital management made a public announcement saying that he is perfectly fine.

there is no sign of infection on Pele anymore. As his condition has been improving very fast, the hospital committee has decided to allow him to go to his home on this Tuesday.

So now Pele is at his home in the care of his family and loved ones but doctors are checking him on regular basis.

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