Nike vs Adidas Kit Battle 2014-15 (Which Brand Produced the better kits this seasons?)

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Two of the biggest players in terms of football kits are Adidas and Nike, both hold a massive market share in this niche and always tying to get one better on the other. Since the league season is about to get underway and almost all the teams have already released their kits its the best time to take a look at who produce the better kits between Adidas and Nike ?


We will take a look at 5 of the best kits released from both companies and compare the result of designs and of course your input is needed through comments section.

Adidas vs Nike kit battle

Apart from the Kits style and designs Adidas put a major step forward to keep up the challenge with Nike when they signed high profile deals with two of Nike clubs, first Juventus turned from Nike to Adidas and than of course one landmark kit deal between Adidas and Manchester United. Which goes to show that Adidas are turning up the heat and not afraid to spend bi bucks.


PSG Home: One of the best kit released this summer is Nike’s Paris Saint Germain home kit which comes in classic PSG colours featuring red and white big vertical stripe on the front of the kit and the main colour of the kit is blue whick of course comes in two shades. Personaly PSG home kit alongside AS Roma’s both home and away are the best kits released.

AS Roma Home: Roma produced their own kits last season as their contract with Nike started from 2014-15 season and Nike produced one stunner home kit for AS roma which has both style and prestige of the great club. Away kit also pretty amazing.

Inter Milan Away: One of the best kits last season was Inter Milan’s away which was produced by nike, this season they again came up with a original extremely good looking and easy on eye design for Inter’s away jersey.

Manchester City Home: Nike’s Man City home kit is superbly designed, its not only slick and smart but also represent teams colours and culture with great combination of sky blue and dark blue colours. The collar comes in small v-shape


Chelsea Third: Adidas always produce great kits for Chelsea specialy the blue home kits, this year again they came up with quite a interesting home kit for Chelsea but it is the third kit which catches the eye.

Bayern Munich Third: Adidas has gone a bit over the top with many away and third kits for big teams and they did pretty good job with some of the kits specialy this third kit of Bayern Munich which features a unique design and somehow represent the club, city and country plus the octoberfest.

AC Milan Third: AC Milans third alternative kits is also a eye catching design with some great colour combination. The main colour of the kit is unique “citrus golden yellow” and it features dark green application.

West Ham Home: Adidas West Ham kits this season are top notch to say the least, both home and away features classic, slick and beautiful colours and design. This home kit for west ham has to be one of the best this season in premier league.

Real Madrid Away: Back in december 2013 when the first leaked picture of Real madrid’s pink away kit was released fans did not like it much but getting closer to the release idea started to seep in.

Verdict: Looking at the top 5 kits from both brands its hard to choose the winner here as both brands has released some stunningly beautiful kits. But overall I think Adidas put much more effort in designing different yet stylish kits specially the experiments with away and third kits. Nike has kind of same templates which they use over and over again. I am going with Adidas in this battle and would love to know what is your take on this comparison. Any great kit which I missed ? let me know in the comments box blow.

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