Neymar’s Salary will get past Messi

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Thursday, December 31st, 2015 | 1

if the question is asked that who is the most paid footballer in the world then even ignorant people wont think twice before uttering either Messi or Ronaldo’s name. Some may say Bale’s name considering the world record he made while being transferred to Real Madrid. Well, they won’t be too far off.

Is true Real Madrid spent a fortune on these two players and they are paid a huge amount of salary but its Lionel Messi who is the most paid soccer player of the world. his annual Salary equals to over 20 million euro. thats the highest any player is paid at the moment. Neymar’s salary is actually half of what Messi gets and that is understandable considering Messi is thought to the worlds best player at the moment.


However, Since there is basically no cahnce of Messi moving to other clubs and Ronaldo is heading towards the end of his career, its Neymar that every clan wants as the future best of the world. Thus there is always the news of Neymar’s salary being increased. Its more or less confirmed since Neymar and his father confirmed that they are talking to the club about prolong stay but since they are yet to sign the contract, it could mean that there is a wager between them going on.

Well, if the rumor is true then Both Messi and Neymar is going to get increased. While Messi’s salary is more modest increase, its said that Neymar’s is gong to see a triple of his usual salary and thatcould mean that he will be getting more than Messi. According to the rumor Messi’s salary see a boost to 30 million euro and Neymar’s salary will be 31.5 million euro.

This is still at the state of rumor but if it does happen then Neymar will replace Messi as the most paid football player of the year.

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  • Aduriz1andOwnsBravo

    Well, REYmar is the best player of all time. Everyone wants Neymar.

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