Neymar will the best player in the world – Samuel Eto

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Saturday, December 26th, 2015 | 0

It hasnt happened in a long time. The last time it happened that there hasnt been a contest for the Ballon D’Or between Ronaldo and Messi was in 2010. That was the last time, any third name could think about winning the trophy. The main reason of that was, Ronaldo did not make into the top three and thus it was quite easy to say that Messi will be winning that. But this season the name of Neymar is also fighting for the top three and some see him as a better choice than Ronaldo. Some also say that Suarez should have been in the top three and Ronaldo just is not that acceptable there. That is up for debate though.

However, i doubt there is even single people on earth who actually would say that Neymar has a higher chance of winning this than Messi.


That is what happened in case of Eto as well. He once was in Barcelona and won the treble with Messi but he thinks that Messi is still the best player of the world if not the best of all time. However, he thinks that Neymar would be the upcoming star of the world and after Messi and Ronaldo retires, it will be Neymar alone into the light.

Neymar is having a blast from the last season. However, he was shadowed by the performance of Messi but in this year he is out of everyone’s reach. Since Messi got injured and was sidelined for over two month, it let the other two attacker Barcelona to show what they are made off. Neymar and Suarez was magnificent in these two months and now they are fighting for the position of top goal scorer. Although Neymar seemed to be injured in recent matches.

Things still remained to be seen but no one can deny that the rise of Neymar is not that far away.

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