Neymar will not go to Real Madrid

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Saturday, August 6th, 2016 | 0

recently we have come to know that Neymar was interested in going to Real Madrid rather than Barcelona. according to the source, at the age of 13,, Neymar went to Spain and gave a trial for playing with Real Madrid. But, it also states that he was neither ready, nor wanted to stay there as he did not like the atmosphere. He said that, he went there and that was his first trip to Europe. However, he didn’t think that was the right place for him and he could stay away from his home country for very long at that age. it made him come back to Brazil where he played for Santos for 8 long years before once again moving to Barcelona.


This time however, he went to the Rival of Real Madrid, Barcelona. there he found himself playing with some of the best players of the world and he started liking it there.

According to Neymar – “Barcelona is the best. I feel at home there. there is everything i want. I am playing with world’s best player. i am learning and i am improving.”

his team Brazil has gotten a rough start on the Olimpics and he thinks that he and his team will be back on form by next match.

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