Neymar praised both Ronaldo and Messi

by Nicholas Salgado | Posted on Saturday, December 27th, 2014 | 0

Can Neymar come in the same league as Ronaldo and Messi who are already considered to be the top two football players of the world and they are also good enough to make their place in history. The Brazilian sensation himself thinks that even if he can, it won’t be an easy work for him.

In Neymar’s scale who himself is considered to be a football genius and one of the top strikers of the world Messi and Ronaldo is in different league.

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Praising both Ronaldo and Messi this Brazilian striker said – ” At this moment they are better than any other player of the world. I don’t know if i can reach their level or not. But i am trying to improve everyday.”

Neymar came from Brazilian club Santos to Spanish giant Barcelona in the mid year transfer season of 2013. The first season in the jersey of Barcelona didn’t go very well for him but he said that he is improving every day and in this 18 month that he spent on Barcelona, has been a great experience for him. His improvement is continuing at Camp Nou and he is learning something new almost everyday.

This season is going well for Neymar as he already scored 11 goals this season in La Liga.

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