Name of the wall is De Gea

by Nicholas Salgado | Posted on Tuesday, December 16th, 2014 | 0

Who should be the man of the match in a match where 3 different strikers scored with some eye-catching performance? It must be one of the scorer’s, right ? So according to that in the match between Manchester United and Liverpool, the man of the match award should have gone to Wayne Rooney or Huan Mata or Robin fon Persie. But if a goalkeeper gets the award then it really becomes a news worth looking into.

However everyone who watched the match will never doubt about this award going to the goalkeeper. The scorecard cant exactly say what Davis de Gea did in this match. So we will elaborate it here in this post. Even the 8 saves he did on this day cant describe his performance in this day. if the Spanish goalkeeper didn’t have extra-ordinary performance in this day then Manchester United wouldn’t most probably leave with a win in this match.

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De Gea surely stopped 3 sure goals from Balotelli and Sterling. not only that he literary became invincible under the goal post on this day.

Selkoyer played for Manchester United for quite a long time. He was watching this match on that day as well. One of his team mates were Peter Smikel who is thought to be the best goalkeeper Manchester United ever had. He also playerd with Edwin fon Dar who was an amazing goalkeeper as well. When a player like Selkoyer says – ” I have watched some amazing performance by two legendary goalkeepers. But today his (De Gea’s) performance was most probably the best performance by any Manchester United keeper in history.” it means De Gea’s performance was really out of the world on this day.

In this season Gea alone is taking care of most of the holes of Manchester United’s less experienced defense. the reason Manchester is still in the 3rd position of the league is heavily because of De Gea’s performance.

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