“MSN” Shines: Barca destroyed Sporting Gijon by 6 – 1

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Friday, March 3rd, 2017 | 0

In recent time, Lionel Messi scored means Barcelona win the match. It was the same in last match of Barcelona which was staged yesterday at the home venue Camp Nou. The match was against Sporting Gijon where Barcelona just celebrated goals. MSN scored at least a goal each in the match and so, Barca got victory by 6 – 1.

After facing a heart broken defeat against PSG on their own ground, the last match was the 3rd consecutive victory of Spanish giant. Though, against PSG, that was the Champions League competition. However, yesterday at Camp Nou, Barcelona defeated Sporting Gijon by 6 – 1 goals. In the first leg of La Liga competition, Gijon was defeated by 5 – 0. At the home ground, Messi assisted one goal along with he scored a goal so far. Suarez scored a goal where Neymar scored one. One goal was same side and rest two was scored by Paco and Rakitic.

At the beginning of the match, Barcelona took the wheel and at the nine minutes of the match, Messi took his team to the leading position. He found net by an amazing head. The following goal was the suicidal but Neymar and Suarez played the major role to do it.

Though team Barcelona suffered from their defense since few days and it felt them into the trouble again in last match. Gijon made an attack at the 21st minutes of the match when Carlos Castro got one goal. Though, that was not enough to stop MSN but they just reduced the goal difference.After that they made couple of attack more but every times, they failed. Later in 27th minutes, Suarez made the score 3 – 1 by a fast shot. The opponent stopper completely failed. The first half finished with 3 – 1. At the beginning of the second half, Paco just secured their victory and getting their storage reacher. Barca coach Enrique took Suarez and Messi out of the field and Neymar finally got the chance and by free kick, he scored his first goal in the match. In last three match, this was his first goal so far.

Just before the end of the game, Rakitic scored another goal and so, Sporting Gijon was defeated by 6 – 1. Through the victory, Barca has moved to the top with 57 points in 25 matches.

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