Mexico 30 Men team squad for Copa America 2015

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Monday, May 25th, 2015 | 0

Mexico is one of the top teams playing Copa America. They have stunned everyone in the world cup and they are looking forward to doing something amazing in Copa America as well. Their team is compact and full of players that can change the day for them. They may not be the top team for this but no one can deny that they have the ability ro defeat any team that fights against them.

Mexico lineups

Position Player Name
Goalkeepers Guillermo Memo Ochoa
Goalkeepers Cirilo Saucedo
Goalkeepers Jonathan Orozco
Defenders Diego Reyes
Defenders Julio Cata Dominguez
Defenders Oswaldo Alanis
Defenders Jorge Torres Nilo
Defenders Jesus Duenas
Defenders Adrian Aldrete
Defenders Gerardo Flores
Defenders Hiram Mier
Defenders George Corral
Defenders Carlos Salcedo
Midfielders Jonathan dos Santos
Midfielders Javier Guemez
Midfielders Jurgen Damm
Midfielders Luis Montes
Midfielders Juan Carlos Medina
Midfielders Marco Fabian
Forwards Oribe Peralta
Forwards Eduardo Lalo Herrera
Forwards Erick Cubo Torres
Forwards Javier Orozco


Facts –

The goal keeper of Mexico is known to be one of the best of the whole world. He has shown some amazing save in the world to prove his point even further. So he will be one of the biggest assets for Mexico in this tournament. Peralta and Torres can find the smallest hole on enemy’s defense and get the winning goal for the team any moment.

The Mexican team is heavily underestimated and some even said that their performance isn’t worth remembering in Copa America but I want to remind you all that this team is a good team. The team is on song and knows how to play positively. A team like that, no matter if they have big names or not is a dangerous team and thus they shouldn’t be taken lightly by any teams. Let’s hope for the best for the players of Mexico.

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