Messi wants to get well soon

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Wednesday, October 5th, 2016 | 0

Argentina Coach Bauza said that Lionel Messi is really eager to play football even though he is injured and even though he wants that, both Barcelona team and Argentina team should make sure that he is completely fine before they let him play on the field. Messi himself is working harder on his recovery and he is trying his best to get back in prime form really soon.

On the last match of Barcelona against Atletico Madrid he got injured and Argentina coach blamed Barcelona management for not paying enough attention to him on this. However, he didnt drag this and he said that Messi is a very unique player. Its hard for others to keep him away from the field. Football is everything to him but this injury needs to be completely healed before Barcelona lets him play again.


he added that, he is our best player and we need to be careful about how we make him play. if he is even a little injury, we should take care of it first before letting him play on the field and he also requested that Barcelona dont get too impatient.

Both Barcelona and Argentina are seem to be struggling witout their best player on board. Argentina is on the 3rd position on the world cup qualifier with 15 points and Barcelona is in the 4th position of the league with 13 points.

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