Messi – the maker of history

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Monday, December 28th, 2015 | 0

Messi and Barcelona won the prestigious Globe Soccer award from Dubai in recent time and they both have given interview i that occasion.

The best player award, which went to Lionel Messi for some outstanding achievements throughout the year said that he was happy to be there and he was glad to win that. However, the team always comes first and he could perform for the team and that is what is important. The other two players making in the top count are Cristiano Ronaldo and Buffon.


The best club award went to Barcelona and Barcelona head took it. He said that Messi is extra-ordinary. Recently after Messi’s injury, Neymar and Suarez did really well in the field but the Barca man said that they can only manage a few weeks without Messi. If he is to name three players that changed barcelona and made history then he would say Kruif was the first person and Ronaldinho is the second. and the thirsd and the most important of them all is Messi who alone made Barcelona what it is today.

He also said that for barcelona, Messi is not only the best playerat the moment, he is the best of the best and best of all time.

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