Messi, Ronaldo and Neuer for Ballon d’Or

by Nicholas Salgado | Posted on Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014 | 0

For last 6 years Messi and Ronaldo is getting the FIFA Ballon d’Or. This year these two superstars have to face pf against Germany’s goalkeeper and one of the heroes of the World Cup Manuel Neuer.

World Football organization FIFA and France football magazine together gives out FIFA Ballon d’Or and the short list for this award have been published.

Messi, Ronaldo and Neuer

The winner of this reward for 2009-2012 Messi, hasn’t won anything for his club is last season and not only that, he wasn’t in good form either. But this little magician took his country Argentina to the finals almost single handedly. Even though they ended up loosing to Germany in the final but he was awarded the Golden Ball for playing so magnificently. Thanks to this, Messi has a good chance for getting this reward for the fifth time and the Barcelona superstar is doing well.

After 4 years of waiting. Last year Cristiano Ronaldo finally managed to win FIFA Ballon d’Or for the second time. He got the reward first on 2008 even though his performance for his national team is poor but he is in top form in the Club and league matches. Last season his amazing form allowed Real Madrid to get their 10th Champions League trophy. He also created the record of the most amount goals in a single season in UEFA Champions League. But he couldn’t play well for his country in the world cup and Portugal couldn’t pass the first stage. But after the world cup he got back his form and helped Real Madrid to win UEFA Super cup and Copa Del Ray. So he has good chances to win the award as well.

Manuel Nuer also has great chance to win the award this year. Last season he won the Bundesliga title with his club but his greatest achievement came this year when he won the World Cup with Germany and he was like a wall against every opponent. He also got the best goalkeeper award for his efforts.

On 12 January the award winner will be announced. Ballon d’Or was given by France football magazine but from 2007 it was given to the FIFA best player of the year. From 2010 two awards became one and formally came to be known as FIFA Ballon d’Or. This award is given to the player who gets the most vote and the votes are given by National team Captains, Coaches and selected reporter of France Magazine.


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