Messi+ Ronaldo = 159 Million USD

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Saturday, May 14th, 2016 | 0


Club pays both closer. Cristiano Ronaldo received 53 million euros, Lionel Messi receive 2 million euros less than Ronaldo. But Ronaldo further forward in terms of total income. Real Madrid forward’s annual revenue is 82 million dollars, and Messi receive 77 million dollars. As well as football, Ronaldo has the highest income in team players. This information was revealed in a survey of Forbes magazine. Ronaldo’s current contract with Real Madrid, the CR-Seven now get 53 million euros. And advertising, promotion and other sectors comes from 29 million euros. Messi is a little behind here. His income from advertising or other aspects is 26 million euros.

Naturally, Ronaldo also ahead in terms of total career earnings. Ronaldo’s career since making his debut his income 550 million dollars, and in case of Messi, his income 450 million dollars, However, Cristiano Ronaldo ends his career before Messi in terms of age. Then maybe Lionel Messi surpasses CR7.

Ibrahimovic is third in this list. His annual income is $37 million. $30 million is come from salary at PSG, the rest comes from other sources. However, number four of the list is interesting. Neymar’s! Barcelona’s Brazilian striker received a salary of $14 million. But revenue from advertising or other sources of more than 22million! With 34 million dollars, Gareth Bale is placing at number five.

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